WHICH USB C or Lightning is Better

Comparison of USB C with Lightning iPhone iPad

USB C or Lightning. iOS and Android smartphones not only use different operating systems, but they also use separate connectors. While relies on Lightning, Android device manufacturers are almost entirely switching to USB-C.

Lightning and USB-C have similar looks. Both have no upward and downward orientation and are about the same size (Lightning may be thicker).

USB-C is a new and upcoming data charging and transfer channel. Apple initially added a USB-C port to the MacBook in 2016, and the company's tablets followed suit in 2018.

Apple debuted with Lightning in 2012, and is still used for the iPhone and iPad. Currently, USB-C challenges Lightning because it is liked by Android devices such as Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, , LG, and more.

It seems that in the near future, USB-C will reign as a universal cable. Despite their many similarities, which one is superior and why? This will be explained in this article.

USB Type C and Lightning

USB-C connectors are the new industry standard for carrying data and power. Due to its flat symmetry, the USB-C connector can be attached to the device in any direction.

They are more convenient than previous connectors that were only plugged in one way, and they can charge and transfer data faster.


Apple Inc. Designing and creating it. It is MFi certified and contains authentication chips, making it difficult for other manufacturers to manufacture devices with compatible accessories without Apple's approval.

It is specifically used to connect Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads to external devices such as host computers, monitors, battery chargers, and other peripherals.

Lightning vs. USB C

Power to charge

Both Lightning and USB C are capable of providing power at varying watts. Despite the fact that Apple didn't release these specifications, third-party makers have gotten them.

Lightning is thought to be capable of transmitting electricity up to 20W-fast charging. With the USB Power Delivery Specification, USB C can handle up to 100W of power and fast charging (USB PD).


USB-C can support almost any USB device and standard, while Lightning does not.

Meanwhile, USB C supports video signals and forced transfers. You can connect and power your local DisplayPort, HDMI, or MHL devices, as well as interface with almost any device, provided you have the right links and connectors.

Data Transmission

Data transfer speeds are determined by the USB standards for USB-C and Lightning. The USB-C connector is equipped with Thunderbolt 3, which could theoretically increase transmission speeds by up to 40Gbps.

It's four times faster than the standard USB 3.1. Apple has not released the maximum data throughput potential for Lightning.

Reversible: one end vs. both ends

The most obvious difference between USB C and lighting is the smaller lightning port, which allows Apple to make the iPhone slimmer.

Although these two ports can be reversed, a USB C to USB-C connection can only be done through the double end, which provides a more comfortable user experience.


Since Lightning can only be used with Apple devices, peripheral makers need a lot of “Permissions” from Apple, resulting in a much higher price when compared to USB-C, which is available at affordable prices in the market.

Anker USB-C to USB 3.0 converter costs under $13, while a lightning to USB converter costs at least $19.


USB-C is the industry standard that transmits power and data in a single connection, while lightning is Apple's connector.

They have a similar appearance but differ in specifications.

In comparison, I would choose USB-C over Apple’s lightning for the following reasons.

Usb-C connectors are almost universally operational, while Lightning is limited to Apple items.
The USB-C type is capable of transmitting data at a much faster speed than Apple Lightning.
USB-C provides faster charging to the device because of its ability to support up to 3A, while Lightning can only support up to 2A.
USB-C is significantly cheaper than Lightning and has all the benefits listed above.

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