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  • 7 July 2022
  • Last Update 2 July 2022 06:30

how to make money from youtube new features

new features of youtube

Creators on Youtube have a new way to earn money from Youtube. Through the SuperThanks feature, which makes users give tips on the content watched.

This feature allows users to give tips from 4 money amount options. That's $2 to $50. 900- Rp724 thousand) or regional currency equivalent.

When users give a tip from one of the options, until they want to see the celebratory animation on the screen.

Not only that also appeared comments patterned with their names in the basic comments section of the video, reported by The Verge, Thursday, 22/ 2021.

3 new methods released and can not be used by Youtube users in Indonesia, among others:

  1. Merchandise gallery

Content owners can sell formal merchandise displayed on their YouTube video page.

  1. Super Chat and Super Sticker

This new feature is similar to the gift feature found in bigo's live streaming social media service.
This way can be money from youtube with this feature can only be used when creators again carry out live streaming.
Then customers can give gifts by buying Super Chat or Super Sticker.
When they use Super Chat, until the comments they share when the live stream takes place are given a different color, so it seems to stand out compared to other comments.
and, if Super Sticker is used, until the comments with Super Sticker also want to stand out more.

  1. Super Thanks

This latest feature was announced by Youtube on 15/7.
With Super Thanks, customers can tip creators.
In the initial release later, the initial way Youtube gives 4 tip prices ranging from US $ 2 to US $ 50 or worth rp29 thousand to Rp700 thousand. 535)

Unlike Super Sticker and Super Chat, this tip can be given to any video from the creator.

Tips don't have to be given when creators are doing live streaming.

how to make money from youtube new features

Program Partner Youtube

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Of course, to be able to find all the benefits of income from Youtube and want to know how to get money from youtube, creators must be part of the YouTube Partner Program.

To find revenue through advertising, content users must be 18 years old or have a legal guardian over 18 years old who can cope with payments through AdSense and video content in line with content guidelines for advertisers.

To be able to open a Channel subscription service must have more than 1. 000 customers

To find Premium Youtube revenue,

content must be watched by Premium Youtube subscribers

To be able to buy and sell accessories to customers,
creators must have at least 10 thousand followers.
While the provision to be able to open Super Chat, Super Sticker, and Super Thanks services is still a limited feature and in countries that have gained access to the 3 services.

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