AMP Web: Twitter suspends support for AMP pages

Twitter suspends support for AMP web

Twitter has quietly stopped providing support for opening the web in amp versions.The feature will be phased out in the quarter this year. As found by SEO consultant Christian Oliviera quoted from The verge.

It was found by the SEO expert on the use of the application that usually when clicking on the link of an article posted on Twitter will be destroyed to the version of the website page that is not actually the AMP version of the web. It was discovered at some point since October 21.

Twitter No Longer Switches Web to AMP Version

According to data from search engine Land, the change of AMP support from Twitter will also be completed soon this month. Nowadays when we visit pages from Twitter it seems to direct users directly to regular web pages. Than the AMP version that may be available.

AMP does allow a Mobile version of the web experience that can load or load quickly and perform high. But this AMP feature is controversial but introduced it for the first time in 2015. Much of this controversy is due to the project being too controlled by Google. According to experts it is the same as Google trying to strengthen its control over the open web.

Web AMP also has user interface issues. The URLs that will be provided by AMP can mess up platforms like Twitter. Moreover, it looks like Google rather than like the website that made it.

The move from Twitter to eliminate redirect websites or articles to the AMP version actually follows in the footsteps of Google itself. Google announced that it no longer requires news sites to offer amp versions. It used to be google's “obligatory” amp version to be able to appear on its search engine headlines .

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