WhatsApp Beta test new multi-platform device synchronization

test multi-platform can immediately be used without having to need an account connected to a smartphone.

whatsapp multi paltform

Currently, if we want to login to WhatsApp on several devices or multi-platform, still need an account is also active on smartphones.

As with other online messaging application platforms , WhatsApp can also be used on other platforms simultaneously,

but for multi-platform whatsapp that now implements end to end (E2EE) credits, it also needs an account that is always active,

Also connected always to the internet on our smartphones to be used on computer devices for example.

But maybe the above may soon be “updated” by Whatsapp,

WhatsApp beta test a multi-platform that does not require an account connected to the internet network on a smartphone.

And can do this ( whatsapp connection) up to 4 different devices (as long as it is not a smartphone).

This test involves several users who get a WhatsApp beta test for use on multiple platforms,

With the help of users, WhatsApp multi-platform hopes to add some more features before it is officially released to a wider range of users.

Already many users have wanted multi-device support, and this is being realized by Whatsapp in its multiplatform update.

It has built a system that maintains end-to-end encryption while allowing people to synchronize data such as contact names, archives,

and bookmark messages across devices.

EE2E on whatsapp multi platform

To date, the WhatsApp smartphone app has become an important channel for the service.

Other platforms such as web and desktop applications maintain consistent and secure links to phone apps and reflect content.

But if it happens like your phone's battery is off or there's a problem with the WA smartphone app, you won't be able to connect to other devices.

Through the multi-device beta, each device will perform its own encryption key and different devices. Currently, users have one identity key (i.e. the one on their phone) to handle encrypted messages.

WhatsApp has developed a system it says will deter intruders trying to add devices to users' accounts.

To minimize the number of times people need to confirm their identity across devices.

Users will also be able to have control over the connected devices and see which devices are linked to your account.

WhatsApp will soon have E2EE encryption support for voice and video calls as part of the Whatsapp multi-device/platform beta update.

Nothing will change in the way WhatsApp can back up messages in the cloud.

Trying to provide your own encryption on each device on a single account is not easy, considering that only the device sent the message and where the message should be able to decrypt it.

iMassage has Apple has E2EE support on all its devices.

Although Telegram works on some devices, its E2EE approach (Secret Chat) does not currently do so. Like Whatsapp today, signal messaging application also needs to connect to a smartphone if you want to connect it to a different device to send or receive messages.

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