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  • 7 July 2022
  • Last Update 2 July 2022 06:30

Winamp Music Player App Soon Reappears

winamp to be remade with new face

Winamp One of the popular music player apps of his day is rumored to be resurrected soon. If you are one of the users of Windows XP then you will be familiar with this legendary music player application. Because this is one of the song player applications that must be owned.

After several legendary years the Winamp music player application was turned off on December 20, 2013. And currently the owner of the Winamp app, AudioValley plans to revive his music player . Of course there will be some modernization of the player's look later. The most noticeable of this legendary music player app change is the appearance of a logo that used to wear yellow lightning that was replaced.

AudioValley gives statement on Winamp's return

new logo view from winamp
Website view of a winamp that uses a new logo

Reporting from detiknet that snatched from ubergizmo. The company will make Winamp for the next generation. Not only updated in the appearance of this new version of the music player application will really be promised something new.

"The new version of Winamp will connect you to music wherever you are. This brings you closer to your favorite artists and the service is home to your favorite music podcasts and radio stations."

Judging from AudioValley's comments, it's likely that Winamp will launch a new version of the app as a livestreaming platform by leveraging certain brands to help attract attention. In addition, the Winamp application will not only be marketed and available to download users who will enjoy content but also artists and creators will be able to customize the settings of this soon-to-be-available song streaming service .

As we know today there are many existing music player streaming platforms such as Spotify or also the famous Apple music. These 2 apps are so popular today as a song streaming service.

Until now it is not known which format will be used or adopted by this music player application . Is it just a music player application or a streaming application that is now being loved. Currently it also invites users to become beta testers who are allowed to download the application there is no further information when exactly this application will be officially launched soon.

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