Windows 11 can run Android apps

windows 11 run android apps

Throughout the exhibition activities conducted live by Microsoft Windows 11, Microsoft is very willing to show off the running of Android applications on its Windows through TikTok which works with Excel.

This is not TikTok creating an app for .
Instead, Microsoft wants to enable apps to work natively within Windows 11.
It's a little complicated, but Android apps can be taken through the Amazon App Store that will be integrated into the Microsoft Store.

Android apps can be integrated into the start menu or taskbar. Applications such as TikTok can also be swiped to the side, windows users can do typing work while watching TikTok.

“Android This integrated app, what's the point? It will take you to Windows from a very reliable editing application to a casual one you often use on smartphones. All you can think of when you're leaning back in a chair,”
said Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer at Microsoft during the live broadcast.

Microsoft uses Intel Bridge Technology. Detailed in a press release released a few minutes after Windows 11 live broadcast activities, allowing non-native applications to run natively on x86 processors.

“Intel Bridge Technology is a post-compiler runtime that allows applications to run natively on x86-based features,
and can also run those applications on Windows,” the Chief Product Officer of the Windows 11 launch event said.
Intel's multi-architecture XPU strategy provides the right machines for workloads. It fits right by integrating leading CPU cores, graphics technology, artificial intelligence accelerators, photo processors, and more, in one verified solution.”

Considering this is Intel technology. It is not yet certain whether Android applications will be able to run on computers and laptops using AMD chips.

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