Telkomsel Cheap Dial Code Internet Package

By abdul azis hartadi

Telkomsel Cheap Internet Package Dial Code

to buy phone packages or internet to play cheap games

Although the no. 1 cellular provider in Indonesia is famous for the high cost of internet packages sold but there are also several internet packages that are relatively cheap from Telkomsel. You can do several ways to get telkomsel package code.

By having the most users, the need for cheap telkomsel package codes is very large. Then we will summarize a little dial code that you can use to get affordable internet packages from telkomsel.

Cheap Internet Dial Code For Loop Sympathy Cards

At the beginning of the launch of this card does provide internet quota or phone packages that are quite cheap. But over time slowly internet packages or cheap calls disappeared. Because indeed the package package is for card promotion materials from Telkomsel Simpati. Again don't worry we have summarized several dial codes to be able to get cheap internet packages and phone bonuses from telkomsel. Telkomsel package with dial code suitable for mania games Here is the dial code:

Price (Rp)Dial CodeDuration
20,000*567*1*1 #1 Month
30,000*567*3*1*1*2*1 #1 Month
25.000*550*890 #1 Month
25.000*550*300 #1 Month
25.000*550*912 #1 Month
25.000*550*790 #1 Month
25.000*550*910 #1 Month

Cheap Internet Package US Card Dial Code

Unlike the sympathy card, Telkomsel US Card which is marketed for young kaula has a cheap quota up to the price at 10 thousand only. This is several internet dial codes and quotas for cheap card packages from telkomsel

Price (Rp)Dial CodeDuration
4.000*100*3*2*3*1*1 #1 Month
6.000*100*3*2*3*1*2 #1 Month
9.000*100*3*2*3*1*3 #1 Month

Other Telkomsel Internet Packages

Telkomsel internet packages also have some that are not listed in the application menu. Somehow it can be so Here we can summarize some telkomsel cheap package dial codes with a fairly large quota that has a long active period suitable for streaming or games.

Price (Rp)Dial CodeQuota/Duration
155.000*363*838 #33GB / 1 Month
131.000*363*2 #16GB / 1 Month
53.000*363*846 #15 GB / 7 Days
160.000*363*300 #25GB+ 2GB / 1 Month
20,000*363*820 #2GB / 3 Days
2.500*363*847 #500 MB / 1 Day (Application)
30,000*363*844 #15GB / 1 Month Study Quota
50,000*363*9*3 #8GB / 1 Month
65.000*363*9*2 #12GB / 1 Month
70.000*363*9 #30GB / 1 Month (there is a wide selection of sub pakets)

Note: All packages with telkomsel internet dial code are subject to change at any time depending on the number and location of internet provider users from Telkomsel.