WhatsApp Passkey New Security Feature Release on Android

By abdul azis hartadi

is a feature to strengthen security in this Meta-owned application. In line with what Google asked some time ago, the search engine company wants users of Google products to add a passkey security feature.

The passkey feature has now been added to Meta's instant messaging platform and is available for users.

This feature works like the security system on smartphones to unlock the screen. Passkey offers a variety of security options, including a fingerprint scanner, facial recognition, and PIN code.

Android users can now easily protect their WhatsApp account with a passkey. Use your face, fingerprint, or PIN code to unlock your account. This was announced by the @WhatsApp team on Twitter on Monday (16/10/2023).

To increase the security of your WhatsApp account, you can choose one of the enrollment options offered, such as using a fingerprint. With this, the login process will only require verification of your fingerprint as proof of the account owner's authenticity.

Whatsapp Releases PassKey Soon
Whatsapp Releases PassKey Soon

How is PassKey different from Two Factor Authentification / 2FA?

Two-factor authentication technology
Two-factor authentication technology

Before the WhatsApp passkey feature, the instant messaging platform had already implemented two-step verification using a PIN code and fingerprint scanner. But now, with the passkey feature, the security of your account will be even more guaranteed with the use of a unique key that is difficult to guess. This is all to protect your privacy and information security.

This two-step verification feature can be used to double-check the security of your account after a certain period. This is especially useful if you're trying to log into your WhatsApp account from a device that hasn't been registered.

Usually, when you want to log in to a new device on WhatsApp, you will receive an authentication code via SMS or message on the WhatsApp account already registered on your old device. But with the new passkey feature, users no longer need to enter a code to log in. This makes the login process faster and easier for users.

Now, there is no need to remember complicated passwords. You can easily access your account by using your fingerprint or a pre-registered security feature. The passkey feature does not replace 2-step verification but adds an extra layer of security to protect your account.

However, according to a report from Phone Arena on Tuesday (17/10/2023), the passkeys feature is unavailable in a stable version. It is still being released to beta (trial) users on Android

Currently, the new passkey feature added to WhatsApp in the latest version for Android ( or is still unavailable to Indonesian users.

How to create a passkey on WhatsApp?

How To Use and Make WhatsApp Passkey New Feature for Security
How To Use and Make WhatsApp Passkey New Feature for Security

The screenshots shared show that the WhatsApp passkey feature will be available in the Settings menu of the Account section. Users can find the passkey under the “Security Notifications” menu.

By clicking on the “Passkey” option in WhatsApp settings, you will see a description explaining that this feature is an easy step to log in with a much more secure system.

According to WhatsApp, you can quickly sign in to your account securely by using your fingerprint, face, or screen lock as verification. Your WhatsApp passkey will be stored in a secure password manager for extra security.

When you click the “Generate passcode” button, Google will notify you about this feature in a new window. This will help you to understand and use the passkey feature more effectively.

Google guarantees that all data will be safe and secure in the password manager. You won't need to remember every password, as they will all be encrypted with a digital key already generated via a fingerprint scanner, face or PIN code.

You can easily store passkeys for Google account logins by using Google Password Manager. This will make accessing your Google account from anywhere more accessible and more secure.

Google PassKey
Google PassKey

WhatsApp Passkey will be safely stored in the Password Manager provided by Google. Thus, you can also use these passkeys to log into your Google account. (Phone Arena)

After agreeing to the terms and conditions, users must register the passkeys they wish to use. You can also store multiple types of security, such as PIN codes and fingerprints, to provide a more robust layer of protection.

Google explains that you can use the screen lock to access encrypted data quickly and securely, and it can be used across multiple devices. In addition, the screen lock can also help unlock your account if you forget your password.

However, the user has complete control to cancel the registered passkey. You can do so by going to the Settings menu, clicking “Passkey,” and pressing the “Cancel” button. Doing so will delete the stored passkey data from the system.

According to the findings of Phone Arena, the passkey registration process is quite simple and quick. You can even use the passkey feature stored in Google's Password Manager to log into your Google account. Easy and practical!

There is currently no clear information on whether the stable version will have a passkey feature that allows users to access accounts without a password. However, if the part does come, it will be good news for those who often forget their passwords.