What Are the Latest Security Features in SmartPhone?

By abdul azis hartadi

Security fiur on smartphones

Everyone must have been wearing at least a smartphone.

on a smartphone is mandatory for the latest smartphone users, not all users are familiar with these features.

Millions of smartphones are spread around the world. With various brands and types that are certainly in accordance with the needs of users. Discussing smartphones can not be separated from an item that is already personal. Because this is something personal, then a feature or some security is absolutely necessary.

Some of these types of security features may be familiar readers. Start in the form of software or a piece of hardware. I'll talk about a few of these features. It starts with:


smartphone security features Finger Print / Fingerprint Scanner

Finger Print is applied to smartphones through hardware. Almost all samrtphone products already have it, even in low end smartphones already exist. The first finger print technology was used by the FBI in 1969. Finger print records our fingerprint patterns. It is then stored in the Smartphone OS database. Keep in mind that what is recorded by hardware is not all our finger lines. Cuma is only the end of the line (ridge ending) a branched line (bifurcation) and a short line resembling a point (short ridge). These three details according to research will not be the same in every human being. With certain biometric mechanisms, this finger print can be run quickly.


Pattern lock

We find a certain number of screen point points. We often use this to lock the screen. This feature is only available on android OS-based phones today, many security researchers state that Android Lock Pattren is very easy to guess alias easy bobol.


smartphone security features PIN / Personal Identification Number

Smartphone security features in the form of PIN are used in almost every mobile phone, whether old school or “smart”. In a smartphone pin there are 4 digits, pins are also very easy in bobol, the number of pin generator software makers can allow it, therefore we should use double protection security, such as using patterns + finger , pin + finger or can be with a combination of .


smartphone security features Face unlock / Face Lock

Face unlock as a smartphone security feature was first introduced in android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS android 4.0). This facial key feature is still disputed the level of security, because it require a qualified front camera in the lighting.

Security Features in SmartPhone FaceID

FaceID smartphone security features

Just like face unlock, but the security feature of this FaceID smartphone is only available in Apple's iOS, As an iOS user I think this is a very steady feature, and this feature is relied on by Apple as a device that attaches importance to user security.

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Iris Scanner / Iris scanner

I do not yet know how the development of iris scanner technology, because it is almost similar to the method used on FaceID or FaceUnlock.


Smart Lock smartphone security features / Smart Lock

Security Features In SmartPhone Smart Lock on Android Lollipop

This one technology is still new, introduced in android Lollipop (android 5.0). The use of Smart Lock is actually very easy, this one technology seems to be connected to the ecosystem from Google. Smartlock-enabled devices will open automatically when you know your voice, your device and where you are. This technology is still being developed by Google with its Android. Maybe in the future all androids will use this feature, because currently only high end phones are used, because it needs certain sensor sensors in its use.

That's some of the security features of a samrtphone either from Android or iOS, maybe there are many other security features, but because the things I discussed are the most commonly used. Maybe from the readers can better know let's share the same





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