Best Tempered Glass Brands For Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Asus or Your iPhone

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best tempered glass brand and cheap

The best brand. Tempered glass is one of the mandatory protectors on your smartphone or hp. By giving TG a screen against your favorite HP will feel comfortable. Provides protection of your glass screen will feel safe if there are scratches or collisions that are not too the smartphone or phone. on the market also has various kinds and types.If you want to know the types and types can read in this article Link >>> Types and Types of Temperglass

In some of the best tempered glass brands you will find some differences when doing touch on the surface of the screen after tempered glass is installed. Because each brand also provides an advantage in the production of tempered glass. For some gamers giving tempered glass that is exclusively valuable can also increase the level of their game. Here are some of the best screen protectors we summarize from some of the online stores available.

List of the best tempered glass brands

This brand of screen protection provider or TG also provides for the best HP or Smartphone. Whether from Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, or other brands. With the list of tempered glass brands, it can hopefully be a consideration in determining the best TG for your favorite HP. On this list may be some expensive, but there are also those who have cheap prices that you can get.

Spigen TG

Best Tempered Glass From Spigen Brand

In addition to producing various protectors or hp cases. Spigen also has a production line for your phone's glass screen protector. TG from this spigen has full cover glass protection without any blocking of the function of face ID on the iPhone series.

TG From this spigen is also suitable for smartphones that are valuable luxury. The spigen brand also provides a guide to install in the purchase box and this glass screen protector is very easy to install.

Price : Rp 15,000 S/d Rp 300,000

Zagg Invisible Shield Protective Screen From Strong Glass

Best Zagg Invisible Shield Temper Glass
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This brand is very foreign sound in the world of HP accessories or Tempered Glass. One of these glass front screen covers also provides the best screen protector for high end smartphones. Tempered glass best branded Zagg Invisible Shield Claims that the screen will not be scratched even if you try to scratch with a standard knife from the Military

In addition to providing strength from knife scratches and class is also equipped with a technology called self healing. This technology allows scratches from its tempered glass to disappear on its own. Unfortunately the price of the best HP glass protection branded Zagg Invisible Shield is quite draining pockets. 1 seed is priced at approximately Rp 525,000

Loca Tempered Glass

Screen Protection Loca

The best tempered glass brand is made with high-quality materials. Loca Tempered Glass has a thickness of only 0.28 mm and this makes this temper glass very thin is also able to protect your windshield front screen.

By having one push technology to install temper glass is easy. You just simply put light pressure on the middle of the PHONE or smartphone and Tempered Glass will install itself.

Once Tempered Glass or your hp glass protector is installed you will be given a different sensation of touch when without using Loca. Having an oleophobic screen layer that makes fingerprints or dust attached will be reluctant for long on your phone screen.

TG Loca Price: Rp 15,000 S/d Rp 200,000

Best Tempered Glass Baseus Equipped With Anti Glare

Temperglass of the Baseus brand

Baseus is one of the popular brands with cable or head charger products. It turns out that this product also provides a premium tempered glass brand and the best that has comfort hand feeling technology. The best glass protectors from Baseus also have anti-glare.

Anti-glare can minimize the reflection of light on the screen so when you use the HP screen in the sun will still be clearly visible. It has a glass material that is compacted to a hardness level of 9H. Baseus Making this temper glass has scratch resistance up to 100 times scratches from the knife. TG We are also in the finishing with a curved method on the edges so that it is not sharp when we accidentally touch on the edge.

Baseus TG Price: Rp 50,000 S/d 130,000

Tempered Glass Nillkin

Screen Protector Nillkin Widely used on highend smartphones

TG nillkin is one of the tempered glass brands that has the best fame and best. One of the premium hp glass protectors is widely used in high end smartphones. Rog Phone 5, Black Shark 4, or iPhone 13 users often use temper glass this brand.

Tempered Glass nillkin has the thinnest thickness of 2 mm. Combined with Japan AGC Glass Material technology and HARVES nanotechnology. Nillkin scratch-resistant can withstand scratches and even small explosions. Tempered glass nillkin also does not use glue.So this gas tempeh is one of the environmentally friendly TG. Because if you wash it tempered glass this can be re-used.

HP Nillkin Glass Protector Price: Rp 19,000 S/d 160,000

Mocolo Smartphone Glass Protector

Mocolo TG is a good brand

With a cheaper price than the row of tempered glass brands above. Mocolo also has material materials and uses Japan AGC glass material so that the best tempered glass from Mocolo can protect your HP screen from all forms of impact.

Mocolo tempered glass also has a 3D arch so when seen from various angles it will appear you do not use temper glass. TG HP screen protector from Mocolo has also been tested by scratching some sharp knives. There were no scratches from the knife.

Tempered Glass Mocolo Price: Rp 55,000 S/d Rp 200,000

Hippo Temper Glass

Tempered Glass Tough Hippo TG Brand

Hippo is famous for its products from power banks. Hippo also has a row of the best power banks. In addition to producing power banks and other HP mobile electronic products , Hippo also has Tempered Glass screen protection products. 

TG Hippo is also of the highest quality. Tempered glass brand is good able to offer quality products and has a fairly friendly price in the pocket. Temper glass Hippo has a hardness level of 9H so it is able to protect your smartphone from unexpected collisions or scratches.

The TG glass used also has a good transparent level so that it will result in a more vibrant screen color and responsive touch style. Mother has a price range of Rp 25,000 to the most expensive Rp 75,000 making one of the best tempered glass that costs cheap.

TG Hippo Glass Protector Price: Rp 25,000 S/d Rp 75,000

TG Optimuz, Original Tempered Glass Products from Indonesia

TG Optimuz is worth special

This is one of the best original brands for tempered glass produced in Indonesia. TG has also used Japan AGC Glass Material technology that makes it tempered glass with resistance and hardness up to 9H. Optimuz's temper glass screen protector already provides a layer of oleophobic coating so that it is free from fingerprints and oil let alone dust.

Optimuz also provides a technology that when the screen cracks or breaks that will remain fused. So when small pieces of shards will not have the potential to injure the finger.

Tempered Glass Optimuz Price : 55,000 S/d 270,000

Otterbox Tempered Glass With Alpha Glass

Tempered Glass Otterbox one of the Most Expensive and Best Quality TG

By using a material called Alpha Glass tempered glass from Otterbox is able to prevent scratches or fingerprints on the screen. If you wear a screen protector from Otterbox then the sensitivity of touch on the screen will remain responsive as well as vibrant colors on your phone screen.

In every purchase of the best tempered glass from the otterbox brand you will be helped with an easy tool even you can install without causing air bubbles.

TG Otterbox Screen Protector Price: Rp 349,000 S/d 949,000

Maxfeel TG Or Screen Protector Priced In The Middle

Maxfeel brand good screen protector

Tempered Glass Maxfeel is also one of the Temper Glass that is often used in high end smartphones. The thickness of this TG also has a thickness of 0.33 mm which also has compatibility with all types of smartphone brands.

Maxfeel which has a full cover design so that it is able to protect the LED front camera and screen frame perfectly. According to the temper glass making company, TG is able to be free from bubbles when installing. So that anyone will easily install tempered glass from the Maxfeel brand.

Those are some of the best tempered glass brands that you can get at an online store or offline store in your city. Keep in mind that tempering glass will not help survive the occurrence of screen breaks.but temper glass only reduces the risk of breaking the screen and protects from scratches. Always use hp protectors or covers to protect the entire body so that the risk is also reduced with the help of hp case.

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