Sales Record iPhone 12 100 million units in 7 months

Record iPhone 12 sales

Record sales of the iPhone 12 were achieved after since 2014 where the iPhone 6 became the most sold smartphone, as reported by Conterpoint Research,

reached peaks and record sales as technology changed or transitioned from 3G to 4G at the time.

The cumulative global sales record for the iPhone 12 series has already surpassed the 100 million unit mark by April 2021.

According to counterpoint research services, the numbers were achieved in just 7 months, the series 12 surpassed the record of series 11 which reached the same sales figures in the 9th month after its official launch.

As record in iPhone 6 series demand for big screens drives increased sales,

While for the 12 series the addition of coverage to 5G technology with a full OLED screen is very attractive to customers.

With the ASP (Average Selling Price) on apple 12 is at an all-time high,

The 12 series volume cycle also sets a record-breaking every year.

Apple will reportedly stop production of the iPhone 12 Mini early

Favorites of iPhone users

The shift in user favorites also shifted, consumers preferring the highest version of the 12 series for seven months after its official launch.

Market share of version 12 pro max in sales by 29% versus 25% for the same model of the 11 series variant

It also led to the iPhone series profiting 22% more than the 11 series in the first seven months of sales.

The basic price for the 11 pro max variant with 12 pro max in the same range is around 1099 Dollars.

An important upgrade in the iPhone 12 Pro max is the greater capabilities of 5G RAM and Memory,

The new A14 Bionic chip.

The increase in iPhone 12 sales is also due to aggressive penetration from leading carrier vendor vendors in the U.S. which contributes to sales of about 40% of the 12 Pro Max series.

Apple reached the highest market share for April 2021, the company has also consistently achieved record market share in the U.S. since October 2020 and this is likely to continue in May 2021.

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