Poco X3 GT 4 million Look A Like 10 Million Price.

By abdul azis hartadi

One of the smartphone vendors priced “cheap festive” , also some time ago, has issued its latest series in Indonesia, . Bringing the specifications that gather and the meager price of 4 million gives a sensation like we use HP 10 million Rupiahs.

Best Chipsets from MediaTek Density

Poco X3 GT Gaming Dimensity MediaTek 1000 chipset

By bringing the specifications of the MediaTek 1100 Dimensity chipset, Whatever you run on this Smartphone will feel smooth and smooth. This MediaTek chipset runs on 9 Core using a Mali G77 GPU with 6 nm fabrication. This makes the Poco X3 GT smartphone that uses the most potent MediaTek chipset currently circulating in Indonesia.

Poco X3 GT Smooth While Playing Games

To play light games like mobile Legends or pubg mobile is not a matter for Poco X3 GT. Want the high frame in the setting of HD Ultra graphics Poco X3 GT? In Genshin Impact games can run at an average frame rate of 44 fps. As we know, genshin impact requires very high hardware specifications to run smoothly and nicely.

Super Smooth Poco X3 GT Screen

X3 GT smooth screen

The screen of the Poco X3 GT feels good when we play Scr; telling already has an IPS with perfect color. With a screen size of 6.6 inches full HD Plus and already supporting a frame rate, it makes scrolling smooth rolling. The X3 GT already has variables adjusting the frame rate automatically when we use it. It can save battery life. This is reminiscent of the specifications of the Poco X,3 Pro, which has slightly similar specifics except for the processor and network technology.

The screen is equipped with gorilla scratch-resistanttstant, the highest variant of Gorilla Glass. It has a straightforward, ample design that makes this Smartphone Poco Poco. While this is only a choice of stargazing, beads twinkle in the back.

HP 4 Million Features Galore

X3 GT has an IR blaster or infrared Blaster at the top of the Smartphone, an NFC port, and Jack type C Dual stereo speakers with holes at the top and below near the mic. The sound quality produced by the Pocophone X3 GT is also very good for smartphones that cost 4 million. The finger sensor is placed on the side of the HP fused with the power button.

Turbo Charging Jumbo Battery

It has a battery capacity of 5000mah with a charging Mi turbo of 67 watts. The X3 GT charges the battery from position to full, taking only 42 minutes. Case case from 0 with minute time has reached 33%. Within half an hour, it was already 92 percent. Batteries are for all left except for extreme activities such as playing. The Gsmarena website also states that the battery life reaches 110 hours.

Pocophone X3 GT Camera

poco x3 GT camera configuration

This Smartphone uses the configuration of the triple camera. Primary camemegapixelsapixel Ultra wide uses 8 megapixels, and the macro camera has 2 megapixels. While the front camera is 16 megapixels, the camera results are not too exceptional because this Smartphone is intended for the specification enthusiast. The camera covers up to 4K resolution of 30fps comfortably.

Kesimpulan Pocophone X3 GT

pocophone X3 GT

With the price of Poco, X3 GT which is 4.2 m million, we already get specifications like Premium Smartphone. NFC and 5G connectivity. It has a nice screen with a frame rate of 120 Hz. It has the best glass protection—superduper fast charging capabilities. And the camera capabilities are already standard for the price of the HP range of 4 million. For the disadva, we can only compare with the Poco X3 Pro, which is not too different from the Poco x 3 GT. So, in conclusion, the delusion Poco X3 GT is highly recommended to be purccheaply with premium specifications.