Indosat Tri Merger Customer Gets Bonus

By abdul azis hartadi

indosat tri merger bonus free nelepon and tiktok

has been officially announced. These two telecommunication companies were officially renamed PT Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison Tbk (IOH). As a form of appreciation to two loyal customers Indosat and Tri they gave a bonus access tikTok free and phone for 6,000 minutes.

This bonus can be seen on the official website of the merger of Indosat and Tri. On the site Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison provides a free promo call 200 minutes per day and also a merger bonus indosat tri accesss TikTok of 10GB. All bonuses can be claimed from January 4 to February 2, 2022. The joining bonus of 2 indosat and tri companies is valid for 30 days.

Tik Tok bonus promo and phone package can be obtained by all customers. Whether it's a Tri or Indosat customer. Post and pre-paid customers also get bonuses from the results of this indosat and tri merger. New customers will also get it.

How to Get Bonuses From Indosat and Tri

There are several things to note if you want to get a merger bonus from indosat and tri.

Promo Conditions for Indosat Customers

If you are a loyal and active Indosat customer , then you can get a call-free automatic for 200 minutes. Also coupled with a bonus for tik tok ria which has a quota of 10 GB. So loyal customers and old customers can get indosat tri merger promo will automatically accumulate in the number used.

And if you are a new prepaid customer or interested in this promo will get an immediate promotional advantage when activating the number. This activation will be directly active with the merger promo from Indosat Tri. The uptime will follow the date on which the activation of the new number takes place. The promo period is valid for 30 days or 1 month.

How to Check Indosat Bonus

Customers from Indosat can check this merger promo bonus by doing the following indosat dial code :

  1. Open the dial menu on your phone or smartphone
  2. Press to check promo bonus with dial code *123 #
  3. You choose no. 7 with “info”
  4. Press and select no. 1 to check quota
  5. Then the customers choose the option of 1 internet package to check tiktok quota bonus
  6. For the 200-minute call bonus can be checked by choosing option no. 3 (Call and SMS Package)

Promo Terms for Tri Customers

The users of the old 3 provider card are the same as the old users from Indosat. They will get Indosat Tri merger promo automatically. What's different is the new customers of the tri card. They must activate manually or need to claim themselves. How to claim from Indosat Tri merger promo bonus for new customers 3 as follows:

  1. For new users for the prepaid type AON and Janet will receive a bonus by enabling registration to 4444 (Bonus sign in after successful activation)
  2. New customers of happy type prepaid will receive bonus benefits after SMS with MAU SP format and send to 234
  3. For new users tri with other types of cards will immediately get a bonus after successfully registering a new number that has been purchased via SMS / Dial Code to 4444

How to Check Bonus 3 / Tri

The users of provider 3 can check this indosat 3 merger bonus in the following ways:

  1. Sms with <spasi>INFOKUOTA format send to 234 (to check TikTok-an benefit data quota)</spasi>
  2. SMS with NELPON format send to 123 (to check the quota of Call-free call)

Other Terms and Conditions Of Tri Indosat Merger Bonus

The advantages of the promo bonus merger of two major telecommunication companies in Indonesia can be sent only once for one number either for Indosat or Tri card. For the benefit of this promo on the free call Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison applies a fair usage limit to call to fellow Indosat ooredoo or Tri Indonesia users only 200 minutes per day or for 30 days.

If loyal customers 3 or Indosat make a call and exceed the fair usage limit then it will automatically use the quota of other available calls or can be charged a basic rate of call to fellow users. This promo can only be used to call all Indosat user numbers or Tri not to other operators.

For Tik Tok bonus of 10 GB can be enjoyed by customers or IM3 users Indosat ooredoo and Tri Hutchison on all networks owned by the promo quota company will be used first to access Tik Tok. And if the bonus quota has exceeded the usage limit, it will be used by other internet packages or basic internet rates available.

For more details, customers can visit the new site of indosat merger and three with url below.The merger of these two telecommunications companies will not have any impact on loyal customers.

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison URL:

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