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  • 5 June 2023
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How to Check Indosat Phone Number That Forgets Easily

how to check indosat no or im3 number by checking the easy way

As one of the main providers in Indonesia how to check Indosat Number or im3 becomes a very important function, checking this number is also not a difficult thing. And with the number of users from Indosat of course the number digits given exceed maybe the limit we remember. It could also be that the number departs rendem which is difficult to immediately remember.

Check Indosat No With My IM3 Application

check no indosat or also check and see the im3 number can be done in a variety of ways. One way to check indosat no with the built-in My IM3 Indosat Ooredoo application. Of course you have to get internet access first because this is an application that must be connected to the internet. If you must have installed it on a smartphone.

You just use how to open the My IM3 application because there will be a display number on the smartphone you use. By using how to check indosat mobile number through the application. You can quickly check or check and find the forgotten Indosat Number.

Check through Indosat's Official Website

The second way to see and for how to check indosat mobile number can be done through the official website. This way you will be able to see in more detail what is on your Indosat number. This method is also a bit complicated because it requires NIK and KK. Of course , the number of the family card or population number must be registered on indosat number.

The first step for how to check the indosat card number on HP By going to the https://myim3.Indosatooredoo.com/ceknomor/index site page, Then enter your NIK number or e-ktp number, enter also the KK number Then you can click the writing I'm not a robot in order to check indosat number .

Through Indosat Dial Code

One way to check the number m3 or Indosat easily is to do indosat dial code.

This way can be to see indosat number / check the im3 number directly on the smartphone screen. Indosat dial up code can also be for you to get cheap internet quota. You can dial-up internet quota in Indosat cheaply in certain ways.

The steps to dial-up Indosat check im3 number as follows:

  • Press *123*30# or *123*7*2*1# or *888*1*1# on the call screen on your phone
  • Press the OK/YES/CALL button
  • Then, wait a few moments until a pop-up window appears. Your Indosat number will be written on the pop-up window

Indosat dial-up way to find out No / check im3 number Different if done on the modem If you use Indosat internet modem to check indosat number can do the way below:

  1. Connect the modem to the PC and activate its internet connection; This method can also be used to activate the services on the modem you use.
  1. Once the modem is connected and active, open the connection manager application and open the USSD menu on the main menu in the modem service that has been installed on your PC or laptop.
  1. If it's already connected to the USSD menu, type *123*30# and press the send or send option
  1. Wait a while until all the details of information related to your Indosat Ooredoo card such as number, the rest of the credit, until the validity period of the card appears on the laptop or PC screen

Those are some of the ways you can know your number, if you forget or when you don't remember. There are many more ways that you can do to see indosat number on your smartphone . Like looking at the WhatsApp app or telegram. You can also ask for help from Indosat customer service.

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