New Features in Google Meet 2021

new features of Google Meet

adds some of the latest features to lure many users, such as Filters, AR Masks, and effects.

Zoom's competitor app immediately updated and added some of these features on iOS, and Android.
By touching the sparkle in the right corner during the chat,
you will find several new features such as color filters or black-and-white
modes, lens effects, and incognito mode using AR technology.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Google Meet has been performing a series of Video-friendly
features, updated layout, much better
security levels, noise-canceling or annoying background sound removal and special background features.

Today Google Meet focuses more on personal users than on using business segments, video calls between friends or family and coworkers.

Some of the filters adopted on Meet are also already on Duo products.

It is also possible that Google does this step to prepare for the replacement of Google Duo with Google Meet, as reported on the 9to5Google website.

There has been no official announcement about this update whether it will also be sold on the web / PC version,
this filter can also be accessed on Gmail accounts on iOS or Android devices.

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Hangouts were replaced in 2019 by Google Meet for video chat and Google Chat for text services.
Competition on this video chat platform is very tight,
Zoom is the most popular multi-user video chat application,
there is also from Microsoft which has Microsoft Team and Google Meet,
of course, this is an exciting thing for us as users who are spoiled by increasingly sophisticated feature features,
they are competing to attract many users, either from individuals or companies and organizations,
Even in the near future, this multi-user video platform competition is increasing with the inclusion of Tinder and Fortnite developers.

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