Harmony OS Answers Huawei to Android

By abdul azis hartadi

After intense pressure from the west about their products, Huawei officially introduced Harmony OS.

Framework System operating prospective Android competitor Google has been officially released on Wednesday 02-05-2021 yesterday. Quoted from Cnet.

Harmony OS, Huawei's OS officially released by Google's Android competitors


At first the Harmony OS Framework was specialized in IoT (internet of things) devices. They, like Smart TVs, Clocks, and the like, are not for the smartphone line. On Huawei's IoT devices, it can run about 60% better than on similar devices. Which is operated with the Android system according to claims from Huawei.

The launch in this smartphone is to avoid massive losses from Huawei's smartphone business line. Almost all of them use the Android OS. As we know, western tires that are done make some Huawei smartphones can not run certain application applications, such as Google maps, and application applications that require an android framework from Google.

Huawei P50 Pro, OS Harmony Smart Phone


In the event of the launch of the new OS, Huawei also introduced the mainstay line of P50 series smartphones that already use Harmony OS , there is also a MatePadPro tablet, a competitor to the iPad Pro , and a Watch 3 smartwatch. For smartwatches can make phone calls without having to synchronize with the phone device because it is equipped with built in Sim module Huawei also announced a new wireless earbud called FreeBuds 4, stylus pen, and a sleek LCD monitor.

We'll see how the harmony os works. How the user's experiment, about the compitabel , and the support of leading developer developers.

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