How to Choose the Best Multi-Function Printer

By abdul azis hartadi

multi-function hp printer

Multi Function Printer or also called MFP or all in one Printer (AIO) is a printing technology media that has been very rapidly developed for both home or office needs.

Many leading brand brands have upgraded or added several more functions, in addition to printing and scanning.

The most common addition is the printer's ability to send faxes.

Manufacturers provide a wide range of MFP offerings,

whether inkjet or laser-based printer, given the blend of print functions and brand names,

Finding the right multi-functional printer for your work or activities is not easy.

Here is a little guide in choosing a multi-functional printer that is suitable for our needs,

Whether it's just a home job or an office.

Multi-Home or Office Printer

hp laserjet multi-function printer

One of the most powerful ways is to categorize our work. Multi Function Printer for the purpose of using home, office or even both.

If we are home users,

maybe the print quality of the photo class becomes the main destination of choice and that means you have to choose a multi-function inkjet type printer,

What if indeed photos are the main reason we need a printer maybe a printer equipped with printing capabilities through non-computer media such as flash disks, memory cards or digital cameras.

For options that do office work,

we are happy to choose a multi-functional printer that can do printing quickly,

And attach importance to the print in the form of text rather than photos or images, you can choose a Multi Function Printer laser printer.

The most complete multi-laser printer already has a fax function,

automatic document feeder (ADF) to scan, copy, fax, and email multiple pages at once.

LEXMARK AIO ADF one of the printers can be said to be suitable for home or office,

or there is an office at home, this inkjet printer for cauldrons or photos of has been equipped with office features,

such as ADF functions and fax modem

HP AIO is one of the most widely used printers in modern offices,

The ADF Multi Function Printer feature makes it easy to send emails or faxes quickly, even several pages at once.

Complete Printer Capabilities

lexmark laser printer multi-function

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Some ADF can also perform duplex scanning (scanning pages back and forth) this is very important if we are dealing with documents back and forth,

Some multi-function printers already support scans but for the page behind it we have to do it manually.

Maybe if you are an office owner, a multi-laser printer that you need in just one color,

But keep in mind, the capabilities of color laser printers are now not much different from inkjet printers in color printing.

The size of a Multi Function Printer printer tends to be larger and requires more space in a room yes because it serves as a scanner,

photocopy, or email media not to mention its complete connectivity,

You need the correct position to work with a multi-function printer.

Can be concluded here, in choosing a multi printer we need only at-home enough with inkjet printers,

if we need to be fast like working in the office, a multi-laser printer is the right choice,

and all lead to your budget because so far laser-based multi-printer is much more expensive than a multi-inkjet printer.

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