Quick Charge with Fast Charge Differences and Functions

By abdul azis hartadi

difference between fast charge and quick charge features

and Fast charge at this time almost exist on the latest smartphones. In fact, this is one of the features that are used as superior to attract consumers. Quick charge and fast charge capabilities become mandatory menus on new smartphones. These two terms on function are the same for faster smartphone charging. But there are a few things that set it apart.

Definition of Fast Charge

Fast charging or Fast Charge is a feature of charging batteries that are fast and generally through a cable. Fast charging can also charge much faster than the fast charging function of old types of smartphones.

In general, fast charge is supported by a USB type C cable. To be said to be fast charging fast charging a charger head must have an electric power of 15 watts.

This delivery power is formulated from a combination of Ampere (A) and Volt (V) units. In short, charging at 3 Ampere/5 Volts can conduct up to 15 Watts of power.

Pengertian Quick Charge

Quick charging feature or Quick charge is a brand from the famous chip company on Smartfren that embeds chipsets made by it. Because this is a feature of Qualcomm, that can embed this feature only products that have Qualcomm chipsets.

Indeed, the way the function between fast charge and quick charger is no difference. Only in quick chat terms is a brand of chipset manufacturer Qualcomm.It can only be embedded in products from Qualcomm.

Fast charging fast charging can be used on all existing smartphone brands. So the difference between fast charging and quick charging only one is a general term used and the other is a trademark of the chipset manufacturer.

Do Fast Charging and Quick Charging Damage The Battery?

Fast charging and quick charging will not damage the battery. 2 quick and fast charge features can be used well if the device is compatible with this feature. It also won't damage the device.

Fast charging and Quick will damage the Silat battery used in smartphones that do not yet support this capability. Because on smartphones that do not support this feature Technology on batteries has not supported these two fast charging terms.

When the Quick charge and Fast charge functions that do not yet support the force generated from the charger head are too large to be accepted by the device. This results if too often the battery overheats. It can also reduce the life of the battery. If it is too hot then the components of other devices are also disrupted.

So to recognize whether your smartphone already supports fast charge or quick charge features can be seen in the manual book. And make sure you always wear the head charger built-in from the smartphone. If not you can pay attention to the head charge insturksi charging ability.

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