The 10 Most Downloaded and Best-Selling Mobile Games

By abdul azis hartadi

Here are the 10 Mobile Games or Smartphone Games / HP that are the most popular or best-selling in Indonesia; we reviewed them a little, and there may be some things that are a little different from your opinion, but this is just a summary for those who want to know what games are most often downloaded on Android in Indonesia.

Mobile games are a trend that has occurred worldwide since the emergence of Android smartphones at affordable prices.

With only a few hundred thousand rupiah capital, users can feel online games with other players connected via the internet.

Mobile Games Are Renowned For The Level of Competition Of Games

Mangulas about online games generally can not be separated from “Who ranks high in popularity?”.

It cannot be denied this is also the result of the game system itself. The game often makes charts or player ratings sourced in Rank, Level, number of winning rounds, and others,

So, it is no wonder the players also rotate to make rankings about the game that is found worldwide. Let's talk more about orders.

There are things we know: mobile games have tremendous fame.

The reason is that almost all humans on this earth have the most essential smartphone, Android. Users only need to use the Google Play Store to download the game.

The list or ranking of the best-selling smartphone games or mobile games depends on the number of downloads or the number of smartphone users who play them, aka quantity. Why is the quality of the game, such as graphics, features, and stories or storylines, not a benchmark? The reason is so simple.

Everyone does not play games of that quality. For example, graphics, not all features of a smartphone support large pictures, so not everyone can play the game.

These are the ten mobile game rankings often downloaded by Android users nationwide according to ratings from the Google Play Store, starting with No. 10.

10. Laplace M

Laplace M best-selling smartphone game

Online RPG games, one of the genres Mobile Games A very famous game in internet café online games. This type of game focuses on grinding systems with monster hunting methods and completing quests given by NPCs.

Since appearing in the mobile feature, the Laplace Meter game has had a place in the hearts of online game players, not least old gamers who miss the atmosphere of this RPG online game. The game is similar to some old online game, Ragnarok.

Players must sort out their characters provided and then adventure to explore the world while carrying out the mission given.

Although the name sounds foreign, Laplace Meter has its place in the minds of online game players to become the best-selling HP smartphone game. This kind of game is suitable for leisure because it has cute and soothing graphics. This game is famous for Android and iOS features and can be downloaded for free.

9. Ragnarok Meter: Eternal Love

Ragnarok Meter: Eternal Love, best-selling game no 9

Old online game players certainly do not want to have less memory with the title of this game, Ragnarok.

Yes, this game is one of the legendary games in Indonesia and is a game that is very often played in internet cafés. The excitement of Ragnarok games lies in the adventure on the run and the community that always supports and needs each other.

Unfortunately, this game was dimmed at the last moment since the internet café began to lose fans, so Ragnarok was obliged to close the server.

8. Roblox Mobile Games

Roblox no. 8 best-selling in download

Often earned the nickname “Children's Game,” Mobile Games got an excellent rating.

It could be true that many children play this game, but it cannot be denied that the players come from various ages and various groups.

Fashion games are very diverse, and this kind of procedure makes players not have time to get bored playing it. Players can sort out dozens of other fashions when tired of one style.

is not just a Game HP smartphone Grossing On Android; this game is also famous on iOS, especially on computers. Roblox games played on computers are equally fun and popular, so Roblox deserves to rank this on the list of favorite games in Indonesia.

7. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile No. 7 on our list

If you ask about a very famous game on the computer, you will undoubtedly answer “Player Unknown's Battlegrounds” or in pubg short.

This game with a battle royale system offers a survival fashion against 100 other players.

This unique system is available in some other games, but PUBG games have their fame because the mechanism offered is more accessible for players to accept.

For example, this game carries a considerable recoil and does not combine fantasy genres or a high realistic level.

Like PUBG computer type, PUBG type Mobile Games Pubb Mobile is just as famous.

The system offered is also the same; moreover, PUBG Mobile's advantage is that it can be played anytime and anywhere. With the capital of smartphone features, PUBG PC players can shift to PUBG Mobile quickly and play with friends at hangouts.

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6. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is at No. 6.

Mihoyo, a game developer who previously released Honkai Impact 3, gave a buzz in the online game industry through his latest game, .

The popularity of Genshin Impact itself was born because this open-world game has exciting features and personality. Initially, the game was sinful because it was valued in imitation of the game Zelda: Breath of The Wild from Nintendo Switch, but in conclusion, all praise fell to Genshin Impact.

One of the most distinctive parts of Genshin Impact Mobile Games is its personality design.

Not some other kind of game that offers a makeshift personality; this game is very closely looking at the character that is launched. We take the example of Zhongli. If you haven't had time to watch the Genshin Impact personality demo,

Please watch Zhongli's personality demo on the official Genshin Impact channel to understand why the game is ranked No.1 in Indonesia.

5. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is ranked 5th best-selling game

This time, the game with the genre OF RTS or Real Time Strategy is Clash Royale.

Game Mobile Games The same industry also releases it as COC or Clash of Clans but has a different system. 2 players are made to hit penance coincide with fewer troops and the time set.

The final score is set by who destroys the enemy's tower or who is very lightning to conquer the entire opponent's tower.

This game model has the same factors as COC but has a different taste, so players are interested in trying it.

4. State of Survival: The Walking Dead Collaboration

 State of Survival: The Walking Dead Collaboration is at No.

Who would have thought the game with the touch of zombies understanding the world is still in demand now?

This is undoubtedly a good sign; games with uniform genres still interest many people. State of Survival collaborates with the popular The Walking Dead series through its films and games.

The popularity of this game is not only found in Indonesia but also its home country, the United States, and many other countries.

3. Mobile Games Clash of Clans or COC

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Clash of clan at No. 3

Who doesn't have time to hear the name Clash of Clans or COC?

This legendary game arose in the early days when smartphones began to mushroom in Indonesia.

All groups enjoy this game. Moreover, some people are willing to make millions of dollars for Diamond from this game to upgrade its troops and buildings.

The fame of this game is undoubted and worthy to be included in this list.

Uniquely, COC has almost always entered into the list of very famous games in Indonesia throughout the years as the defending champion. Handsome

2. Game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, is the no. 2 best-selling mobile game in Indonesia,

This game began to be interesting since the rise of Warcraft3, DOTA, and DOTA2 players on Computers who explore online and offline competitions. Since the emergence of Mobile Legends, better known by the term ML,

MOBA players shift to this game because this game can be played anywhere and anytime.

As long as there is internet, Android features at low prices can also play this game. So famous this game holds international competitions.

Although this game seems simple in the eyes of computer MOBA game players, this game can also be played with a perfect strategy.

1. Garena Game Free Fire

Still the same, the champion of the best-selling mobile game in 2021, Garena Free Fire

In conclusion, we reached the top list of Indonesia's number 1 best-selling mobile games in the sanding by Garena Free Fire.

It could be that many people disagree when Garena Free Fire is named the No. 1 game in Indonesia because of the quality of graphics and features that are considered “not good” or “break” from this game.

However, we can not deny the popularity of Garena Free Fire or, more famously, the term FF is enormous.

Players who play this game come from various groups, listed pro players who are members of famous esports such as Evos, Onic, and RRQ. International competitions are also often presented, and the prizes cannot be underestimated.

That's the list of the most famous mobile games and best-selling smartphone games often downloaded by gamers in Indonesia. What games do you play?

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