15 Inspiring Facts About Steve Jobs

By abdul azis hartadi

is best known for founding tech giant Apple Inc, a multimillion-dollar brand that has taken over the world, from MacBook laptops to iPods and iPhones.

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But where did his journey begin, and how did he build ? The attractive Apple founder has kept quiet about his personal life during his work, but he began to open up over the past few years before dying.

15 interesting facts about Steve Jobs

Here are 15 amazing facts about Steve Jobs you should know.

Steve Jobs was adopted.

Steve Adopted Muslim Descent

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, to Abdulfattah Jandali and Joanne Schieble. Jandali came from a Muslim culture and Schieble came from a Catholic background, and they were not married when Schieble became pregnant.

Both at the University of Wisconsin at the time, Schieble fled to California to have a baby. Schieble gave Jobs up for adoption after concluding that he should not have kept the child. However, years later, they have a daughter whom they keep.

2. almost became a Buddhist monk

He studied Buddhism and almost became a monk.

In 1974 Jobs moved to India to live in the Neem Karoli ashram, seeking spiritual enlightenment. Unfortunately, on his arrival, he had learned about Neem Karoli's death the previous year, so he changed his itinerary.

Instead, he proceeded to the Haidakhan Babaji ashram, where he spent seven months before returning to the US. Work began to pursue Zen Buddhism, which became a big part of his life. At one time, he contemplated becoming a monk in Eihei-Ji in Japan.

3. Steve Jobs didn’t graduate from college.

Apple founder quits reed collage school

Like many great entrepreneurs, Jobs was a man who did not finish college. In 1972 Steve enrolled at Reed College but dropped out after one semester.

He explained to his parents that he didn't want to waste their money on a school that was of no use to him. Jobs' adoptive parents had promised his birth mother Schieble that they would pay for his schooling.

4. Steve Jobs founded Apple Inc. in 1976.

With Steve Wozniak, designing the first Apple computer
With Steve Wozniak, designing the first Apple computer

Together with Steve Wozniak, Jobs designed the first Apple computer in March 1976. Wozniak created the Apple I, and together with Jobs, they decided to offer it to the public.

On April 1, 1976, the two formed The Apple Computer Company as a business partnership with Ronald Wayne, now known as Apple Inc.The company was listed at Jobs' parents' home on Crist Drive. Jobs' bedroom was their workplace, eventually moving into the garage.

The moniker “Apple” comes from Jobs' experience at the commune of All One Farm in Oregon.

Work spends a lot of time in the apple orchard and thinks it should be the name of the business.

5. Jobs named Apple computer after his daughter

Apple Lisa named after Jobs' son
Apple lisa named after Steve Jobs' son

Of Steve's four children, only three are with his wife, Laurene Powell. Her first child is with her Homestead High and off-end boyfriend, Chrisann Brennan. When Brennan learned that she was pregnant, Jobs denied responsibility for the pregnancy, which led to Brennan abandoning his relationship with Jobs.

Lisa Nicole Brennan-Jobs was born on May 17, 1978. Jobs was not present for Lisa's birth but went to visit Brennan three days later. Together they named their daughter Lisa. Jobs then christened the computer he was working on the Apple Lisa. He later denied publicly that he named the system after his daughter and that LISA stands for “Local Unified Systems Architecture.”

In the years that followed he had stated that the initiative was named after his daughter.

6. He married one of his students.

The iPhone founder is married to his student

Jobs first met his future wife in 1989 during a speech he gave at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Laurene Powell sat in the first row of Jobs' speech, and she couldn't take her eyes off him. After the lecture, Jobs met with Powell in the parking lot and invited him to dinner. Work was proposed to Powell in 1990, and they married at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park on March 18, 1991.

7. Jobs met his siblings around the age of 27.

I met my siblings when I was 27.

Being adopted as a young boy and not knowing his biological family, it took him a long time to find out about his sister. Jobs hunted down his sister, novelist Mona Simpson and met her when she was 27. His first book, “Anywhere But Here,” was about his relationship with his parents, Jobs' biological family.

8. In 1986 Steve Jobs financed the Graphics Company, which later became Pixar.

Pixar was once owned by Apple.

Initially, it was a sub-business under Disney until Jobs financed it, and the company became its own spin-off company.

Pixar's first “Toy Story” (1995), was a collaborative production with Disney, but because of Jobs' investment, it meant he was recognized as an executive producer. Disney bought back the company in 2006.

As part of the merger, Disney converted Pixar shares into Disney shares, which made Jobs one of Disney's major shareholders for a short time.

9. He has nearly 300 patents to his name.

The actual number of patents that carry Jobs' name as a solo inventor or co-inventor varies across the board. Jobs had 43 patents on “inventions” in his name, while the rest were all design-related.

He holds patents for speakers, stairs, packaging, power adapters, phones, etc. Jobs got a patent for the Mac OS X Dock user interface the day before he died. Since his death, he has obtained 141 additional patents on his behalf. Thus, there are hundreds of patents that contain the name Work.

10. The same clothes every day.

They have the same style of clothing.

Not exactly the same clothes, but the same style. Jobs adopted a dress code consisting of a black turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers.

His style was basic, but he became famous for it. He will exclusively wear Levis jeans, and it is said that he has more than 100 pairs.

11. Steve receives a liver transplant.

In 2003 Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer, a tumor in his pancreas. Initially, Jobs avoided the recommended medical therapies in search of alternatives. It is thought that alternative therapies may be why jobs saw an early death. In 2004 he finally underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his pancreas. Unfortunately in 2006, the tumor reappeared, although not everyone knew.

Tim Cook offered Jobs a piece of his heart because they both had unusual blood types. In April 2009, Jobs received a liver transplant in Memphis, Tennessee, at methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute. In January 2011, Apple granted Jobs medical leave to focus on his health.

12. 2007 was a successful year for Jobs.

2007 Apple's first iPhone launches and becomes a huge success

In 2007 Jobs was inducted into the California Hall of Fame. It was housed in the California Museum of History, Women and Art. The first iPhone was introduced on June 29, 2007, after work since 2005. Also, in 2007, Fortune Magazine ranked Jobs as the most powerful person in the business.

13. He has a net worth of $10.2 billion.

In 1978, at the young age of 23, Steve Jobs' net worth was $1 million. Just two years later, Jobs was worth $250 million. At the time of his death in 2011, his net worth was $10.2 billion. Much of this is through its ownership in Disney as opposed to Apple.

14. Jobs biography released 19 days after his death

Biographies released after death
Biography of Steve Jobs

In 2009 Jobs began to open up about his life and took part in interviews with reporters. Jobs authorized Walter Isaacson to write his only biography. Isaacson was given all the rights to create a biography, except for the cover photo. Jobs authorized Isaacson to collect accurate interviews from friends, family, and employees to give the book a vivid picture of his life.

Isaacson based the book on more than 40 interviews with Jobs and conducted hundreds of interviews with others who were part of his life. Jobs indicated that he didn't want to read the book before it was released because he wanted it to be an honest account and not have any impact. Unfortunately it was not released until October 24, 2011 – 19 days after his death.

15. Steve Jobs has a statue in Budapest, Hungary.

Statue of him in Hungary
Statue of him in Hungary

There is a bronze statue about 7 feet (2.1 meters) tall in the Hungarian capital. Artist Erno Toth produces sculptures for Graphisoft, a Hungarian software business. The statue was built on December 21, 2011, after his death that year. The statue was erected in memory of Jobs' achievements for the IT industry and the help he offered Graphisoft under their communist regime.

The monument is located near Graphisoft Park, where other computer and science companies are located. Steve Jobs had an interesting life, beginning with being adopted but finding a spiritual path through Buddhism.

Here are 15 interesting facts about the Apple founder. His love of electronics and computers was his path to a prosperous and inventive future, creating Apple Inc. Work changed personal computer systems and technology so significantly that even today, his work is part of everyday life. His legacy will continue as Apple continues to innovate and create.

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