Craob X The World’s Thinnest Laptop And No Ports

Craob X is the thinnest laptop in the world.

thinnest laptop in the Sangking thin laptop is also not equipped with a port connection that is usually on laptops in general. Craob X It does not have a USB port HDMI ethernet port or audio jack 3.5 mm even for charging also found no holes to fill.

This laptop is very thin which has a thickness of only 7mm because this laptop is also very light which has a weight of 0.8 kg. By providing a portless design aka without port holes, Craob X becomes the only laptop that is very thin and very light in the world.

Thin laptops also have a light weight.
Thin laptops also have a light weight.

But do not worry even without holes with a very thin laptop is equipped with a connection wirelessly or wirelessly. To do the charging will be given a wireless charger that will be affixed to the body behind the screen on the letter X which serves to recharge. The letter x also serves to paste the module that contains the required port. In the wireless charging module the thinnest laptop in the world there are also ports such as USB Type C, SD Card Slot, or USB Type A port. so although thin and without a port actually this laptop also has a port hole in the charge module.

Specifications of Craob X Thinnest Laptop

craob x laptop wireless charging module equipped with additional ports
craob x laptop wireless charging module equipped with additional ports

In addition to the design that uses without pots and is very thin, it turns out that this laptop has very superior specifications.On the monitor screen that measures 13.3 inches and has a resolution of 4K Ultra HD plus this screen also has a very thin edge bezel and there is a hole for a punch hole-style webcam camera.

Innards in the thinnest laptop in the world has intel Gen 12 Core i7-1280P processor specifications juxtaposed with DDR5 RAM and has a solid state drive or SSD storage. For its graphics capabilities embedded Iris Xe graphics. Ram in this laptop can also be configured up to 32GB. Most likely this laptop will also use the latest Windows 11 operating system. This laptop also has Wifi 6E technology.

Laptop Price

Craob X is a fairly foreign sounding brand but this laptop is a great concept laptop there may be some revisions before the factor is officially sold to the market. The world's thinnest laptop is also planned to be launched in the 2nd quarter of 2022.The price itself has not been officially confirmed. But if compared with MacBook laptops, the price will likely approach the number of 20 million more, because the MacBook also has a very thin design and almost no port.

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