Android TV stick or box what is it? Let's see the explanation here.

By abdul azis hartadi

Google's Android TV Box

or box is a system and hardware designed for use digital media player devices intended for home entertainment this device must require an internet connection to run streaming media in the form of digital such as music photos or videos.

As one of the largest providers or owners of operating systems in the world, Android brings the world of entertainment into devices as small as a box or stick. Through this device you can do browsing, typing, or doing gaming. Of course, it all depends on the specifications provided by the hardware device of the or TV stick .

Android-based digital devices are also very similar to STB or also called set top boxes. Some set top boxes have also been immersed in the Android operating system so that in addition to functioning to receive digital broadcasts STB can also be used for streaming media services.

Android TV digital device has a compact or small shape

Xiaomi's android TV Stick

By having a compact and small size that has also a special design interface with the Android operating system you will be easy to find and display digital content from applications or media services.

TV Box or TV Stick is hardware used to issue a display on a television or monitor that will become a smart TV or smart TV. So simply Android TV box is an android TV-based enhancement for use on a regular monitor or screen.

On a TV box device or TV stick will usually be equipped with plugs or types of ports that are quite complete. Some ports may exist on any Android TV device or USB stick micro SD port HDMI until the SATA port.

When you use this TV box device you can turn a regular TV into an Android TV and used to watch digital streaming media. The streaming media includes examples such as Netflix's YouTube or you can watch short videos on Tik Tok.

You can get these enhancements at the point computer store most TV box devices are sold at a very far cheaper price than there are green robot OS based televisions.

how it works from a TV box and an Android TV stick

The shape of the TV box itself is in the form of a small box usually there is also an antenna to emit or receive wi-fi and has several port holes. This is different from android TV sticks that are in the form of a small stick almost resembling a flash disk device. The disadvantage of Android TV sticks is that the limited ports most only provide micro USB or HDMI ports or for MMC storage media.

How your Android TV works you have to connect it to a television device that already provides a specific port for viewing. Android TV boxes and sticks also require an internet connection that can be through wired internet or wifi wireless connection.

If you have an old television that is tube-shaped only need an HDMI to RCA cable converter as a digital output convert to analog. Because on tube television there is only a modem or analog signal receiver module.

Difference between Android TV box and Android TV stick

Both serve to be streaming-based entertainment media , Android TV Stick and Android TV box have quite different sizes. The difference is quite significant because android TV sticks are only the size of flash but rather large slightly from the size of the flash disk on the market.

The difference is again in the shape and from the side of the embedded hardware. Android-based TV boxes have far superior hardware than TV sticks. This is due to its larger shape. TV Box certainly has more space for the placement of its media support hardware.

advantages of this device

By having this device you will be able to do many things like you do on your Android smartphone.

Playing the game

You can play gaming with a TV box or TV stick. Of course, you must pay attention to the power of the embedded hardware to play the game smoothly and without constraints.


In the TV box antacid provided by internet connection and can browse comfortably. You can browse through a browser that is already embedded in the system in the Android TV box or stick.

Watch a video or streaming service

By connecting the TV box with your TV will be able to be used to watch streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu or YouTube.

Chat and video call

In addition to being used to watch streaming media online android TV can also be used chat media. Of course this requires additional equipment such as a camera and also a mic to make calls. With several plug ports to connect to camera media or headphones you can chat and video call on Android TV devices box or stick.

That's some understanding in general and some differences from Android STICK TV with Android TV in the form of Stick. These 2 tools do work the same but there are some differences and make an edge in each one. So if you want entertainment media with a TV box or Android TV stick you should sort it out and choose first which one suits your needs.

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