How to Eliminate Annoying Ads in MIUI 12


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to Eliminate Ads in MIUI 12 MIUI interface and native apps in Xiaomi phones are mostly integrated with ads.

For some users, the appearance of these ads can be very annoying.

But users can disable ads in MIUI 12 in some circumstances. Reporting from Nextpit, there are some guidelines for disabling ads in Xiaomi MIUI 12.



Here’s how to disable ads in MIUI 12:

1. How to remove ads by turning off the MSA app

Users can turn off the MSA application and this procedure can solve many of the disturbing advertising problems in MIUI.

Users must allow Xiaomi smartphones to run MIUI and connect to WiFi or cellular networks before carrying it out.

After that, go to Settings

click Passwords& Security

at the base of the Authorization menu; Revocation, users can search the MSA section and slide the radio button to disable it, wait 10 seconds, then revoke selection.

The user may want to receive a message saying that it cannot revoke the authorization. Keep trying until the system allows.

This manipulation wants to eliminate most ads. But this is just a "system" ad in the MIUI interface, other ads may always be present in some of Xiaomi's native applications and must be disabled one by one.

2. Method of disabling personal ad suggestions

After revoking the MSA authorization, users can begin disabling miui-delivered ad remondation. Create to deaclyse it, go to Settings

Privacy Protection

at the base of the Privacy menu, look for ads services options and after that Personalised Ads Recommendations. Disable personalised Ad recommendations and users no longer want to view ads as sourced on attitude information or individual user data.



3. Method of disabling ads in the Mi Browser and Mi Security apps

Create disabling MIUI ads in Mi Browser, open the Mi Browserklik
Profile tab on the right side of
the Profile tab selection base, access settings by sorting the bolt icon in the upper
right corner in advanced settings, uncheck the Add Ads option.

While to disable ads in Mi Security, open the Security app and click Settings

in settings, disable the Receive Recommendations option.


4. Method of disabling ads in Xiaomi Music and Mi Video

To disable it, open the Mi Music app and open Settings in the upper right corner. Then open the Advanced Settings option and disable the Receive Referrals and Show Ads options.


5. Method of disabling ads in File Manager as well as downloads

To disable ads in the File Manager menu and Folder Manager, listed downloads, on MIUI Xiaomi, users can explore the same procedures such as for Mi Browser and Mi Security applications.

Go to Settings

click System Application Settings

find File Manager or folders and apps

Disable recommendations for Mi File Manager and Show Recommended Content for Mi Download.

6. Method of disabling ads in MIUI themes

The easiest method to eliminate ads in the MIUI Theme app is to go directly to the app itself and disable it.

Open the MIUI Themes app and sign in to your Account. Find Settings

then non-initiative recommendations option.

Such are the steps to disable ads in MIUI 12 on Xiaomi smartphones that can be accompanied by users to match the needs.

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