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  • 4 June 2023
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The phone often restarts itself and how to solve it

Causes hp often restart itself

The phone often restart itself or even suddenly dies on its own Often making us panic This happens when we open the application suddenly the cellphone restarts. Restarting here means the PHONE will die and then live again in a few minutes or seconds. This case often occurs not because some phone restarts itself by brand. Whatever your smartphone brand such as Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme, Pocophone, or iPhone All types of smartphones will also often restart themselves if not aware in use.

Smartphones that like to restart by themselves are sometimes a sign of something unnatural happening. And it could also be a sign of a problem with the hardware or software of the smartphone. This can sometimes cause the phone to die on its own.

Although the phone you have is the latest output product and the latest technology used does not guarantee not to start itself. Here are some cases that make the phone often restart itself or continuously and how to overcome the problem.

Causes of Phone / Smartphone Restart or off Itself

Most of the restart / off process itself is because the smartphone is too long we use it. That means we haven’t been deadly at all for weeks or even months. And this can happen to all brands of smartphones/mobile phones that you have even though it is a new item.

You should check the following things that can allow the phone to suddenly restart or die on its own:

  • There are many junk files or caches that accumulate on the system.
  • There is a conflict in one or more applications on phone that you run make frequent restarts yourself
  • Smartphone performance is too forced or you’re already rooting
  • Smartphones overheat or overheat
  • The age of a cell phone or cell phone has been too long
  • Install or download applications that are still not in full version
  • The presence of spyware virus or hardware that interferes with phone performance
  • Frequently use chargers that are powered beyond phone capacity
  • Damage to external memory or SD card or MMC
  • Not updating software or OS from smartphones 

Here’s how to fix the things that allow phone to Restart Itself Often

Delete Junk Files

By deleting this cache junk file can reduce the load of phone RAM.but actually here is also very functional if we want to reopen existing applications. Because each application will provide a useful cache when the application is reopened will be lighter. So you don’t need to clean the cache too often. You can do it once a month to refresh it.

You can download the cache cleaner in the Play Store. There are several cache cleaners in the application that can do a cleaning schedule so that your phone does not restart often itself. Cache cleaning applications can also clean the remaining files uninstall unused applications.

Remove phone Cause Application restart

Overcome this by deleting one of the applications that cause hang or phone restart itself when you open the application, it could also cause other applications to crash. You can try one by one newly installed applications or the beginning of the mobile restart. Because this is because the application you installed there are still bugs that have not been fixed by the Developer team.

Don’t Force phone to Work Beyond Your Ability

Most of this is done by experts who know to root or open the System from his phone. Or unlock the bootloader. They often do this to force smartphones to do jobs that exceed capabilities. Like when you install one of the games that require more performance, then by rooting you can do the installation of the game smoothly. But it also causes smartphones to work harder and exceed capabilities. And unknowingly this is also the cause of the phone often restarting itself and repeating itself.

Avoid Overheating When Running a Phone or Smartphone

Some phone or the same I am devoted to running heavy applications that exist. And the phone generally has high specifications. But if you have a smartphone that has not to have too high specifications and runs applications that require high performance then there will be excess heat. With this excess heat, the smartphone by itself will restart the phone. This also happens in computer devices where if the CPU is working and overheating then the computer will automatically shut down or restart.

And therefore do not force the installation or installation of applications or heavy games that make the heat more. Instead of your smartphone becoming damaged maybe you better wait or save to get phone specifications above what you are currently using.

Smartphone Age

With the development of bug technology that software or hardware then the age of phone smartphone devices that you have will certainly also follow the development. If you have a smartphone that is more than 5 years old, of course, for now, you must replace it. Because currently, applications need qualified hardware resources.

Sometimes also some applications do not provide support on smartphones that have too outdated software. If you force it to install it on phone there may be cases often restarting itself.

Make sure you download the full release app

This is also the cause of unknowing phones will often restart themselves. Because the application is still in the form of Beta or Alfa, there are still many bugs that have not been fixed by the Developer team. If you want to be safe you have to install the app directly from your smartphone or from the Google Play Store. Because if you do the installation of the Playstore in making sure that the application contained there is a full release application. And you will avoid the problem of smartphones that restart your own.

phone restart due to virus infection

By installing from the Playstore you will be quite safe from the reach of viruses. Because in the Playstore there is protection that tells if one or your application is a malicious application.

It is also usually spread over the web which suddenly takes out pop-up ads and accidentally or not you will install them. Though it is one of the dangerous applications that may cause the phone to restart itself because it runs out of resources. This is because the resources are already spent by the application you install from pop-up ads through the website. The source here is meant to be RAM or CPU.

So the solution you be more careful if browsing on the browser. Sometimes you also need some antivirus to ward off. Choose an anti-virus that has a good rating on the Play Store or App Store and will not also burden smartphone resources or resources.

Use Original Products Or Best Products To Avoid phone Constrained Restart / Off Itself

The use of one of the original accessories will make the smartphone safe and last a long time. Because if you use fake accessories such as chargers or cables that do not match the specifications required by phone or smartphone. And this also often causes problems with hardware. This can cause your phone to restart itself.

If indeed the original accessories from your smartphone have suffered damage, you also just buy a suitable replacement or an original one. If it is not possible that the original you can buy some of the leading brands that are certainly of quality. This applies to chargers or USB cables.

Immediately Replace MMC or SD Card If Damage Occurs

One of these enhancements can also cause your smartphone to restart itself. A damaged MMC or SD card will burden the reading performance of the phone. Because this process also consumes smartphone RAM. If the MMC or SD card is difficult to read or damaged, then the RAM from the smartphone will do the continuous reading process without stopping. This can also cause frequent cell phones to restart themselves.

Update the Operating System Immediately

There are some users who do not really care this can sometimes also be the cause of restarting his mobile phone. Because the manufacturer certainly provides operating system updates to patch or cover the shortcomings of the previous operating system.

By doing updates you will also be able to be given an application that certainly has more security. By updating the operating system you can also avoid phone restart or death itself.

Those are some of the cases that make phones often restart and die on their own and we do not realize there are small things we need to do that can fix it. But if some of the above things you do but still phone restart itself. This could mean there is damage to the hardware that occurs. You can take it to a service center or repair center for further diagnosis.

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