Hina Kabah, Fortnite Threatened to Be Blocked

Fortnite game threatened to be blocked

Fortnite The world's most popular battle royal game is threatened with being blocked in Indonesia,

This happened after the circulation of a video of the destruction of objects similar to the kaaba.

The spotlight on the fortnite game made by Epic Games occurred a footage of destruction,

Players in the fortnite game are required to destroy the box to be able to reach the next level.

"This is an insult to Muslims," the director of Egypt's Al Azhar International centre Cairo, osama, quoted Sindonews.com as saying.

Osama also warned of the many online games that make children and adolescents so lazy to learn if too late with the virtual world.

"In response to the circulation of the video, the Ministry of Communication and Information along with the police conducted a review,

and based on searches on the content on the youtube channel, the video was published on February 17, 2019"

Kominfo continues to explore and browse the content of fortnite games in indonesia related and will immediately crack down firmly by blocking those who violate the rules and regulations in the digital space in Indonesia.

Based on the information received,

Fortnite game developers have clarified that the elements contained in the video are user generated content (UGC),

created by the user in the form of Creativity Mode.

In a post from Fortnite's Facebook page on June 29 (deleted),

Fortnite says that Maps that have Kabah-like objects are not made by them or Fortnite developers.

It was made by Fornite players in Creative mode,

The in-game mode allows Fortnite users or players to build their own Map or island territory, similar to a Minecraft game.

"We want to set the record straight that the Fortnite gaming team values all religions and works very closely with the game's creators.

to ensure a safe gaming experience for all players."

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