Lenovo phone Rebrand Identity Seen in Google Play Console

Two HP smartphones that are believed to be a rebrand are Lenovo K13 and K13 Pro.

It is expected that Lenovo will soon announce two new series, rumors are seen first in the appearance of Google Play Console.

These two HP are expected to be a rebrand of the Moto (Motorola) series, namely the Lenovo K13 Note rebrand of the Moto G10 series while the K13 Pro rebrand of the Moto G30 series.

K13 Note

Quoted from GSM Arena.com Lenovo K13 Note will bring an HD + Screen with a bangs model in the form of a waterdrop.

Using a mid-low-class processor series 4 from Snapdragon with the code sm4350 SD 480 5G is an improvement from the Moto G10 which only uses SD 460.

For the handling side of multi-tasking using 4GB of RAM. K13 Note is in power supply of a 5,000 mAh battery, and storage modules of 64 GB and 128 GB, yes Lenovo K13 Note will come in 2 variants with the same RAM Only different in internal memory capacity

K13 Pro

K13 Pro has the same screen quality as the note version, HD+ with waterdrop model bangs.

The difference in the chipset used, the K13 Pro uses SD 662 (sm6115) combined with 6 GB of RAM exactly like the Moto G30, The battery size is also exactly the same as the Lenovo K13 Note which is in supply with 5,000 mAh power.

Both smartphones from Lenovo are the same using Android 11 OS, and can already receive the latest 5G network.

Because GSM Arena only gets images that are not too complete, a complete specification may soon be revealed in the next few days.

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