Windows 11 Default Browser Will Be Difficult to Replace, This Is Why

By abdul azis hartadi

Windows 11 is difficult to change the default browser

Microsoft is again changing its methods to change the standard browser.

Default Browser. From the beginning, it was quite easy in Windows 10 but so complicated in Windows 11. Although Microsoft has had many good overhauls in the appearance of the Windows 11 interface and browser creators such as Mozilla, Opera, and Vivaldi complained about the overhaul of the standard browser change method in Windows 11.

This overhaul was originally not so visible, because it is still similar to the standard browser determination in Microsoft windows 10. When the user edits a new browser next to Microsoft Edge, it will appear the choice of determining the browser when the user opens a link.

In this option, users can recognize the ‘Always use this app‘ option to set the browser option to standard. To this day,

The technique remains the same as in Microsoft Windows 10. But if the user forgets to recognize the option, so the way after that will be more difficult.

Browser users who do not make the browser standard in Microsoft Windows 11. In general, the option to control the browser becomes standard. That option will open the program selection menu, including the browser, to make the program standard.

A “Compulsion” For Windows 11 Browser Users

Windows 11 Default Browser On the menu, it's so hard. If initially, the user needs to decide on a browser to make the browser standard. Now the user must specify a standard browser for each file type.

In the example of Chrome browser events, the file options are HTM, HTML, PDF, SHTML, SVG, WEBP, XHT, XHTML, FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS, as quoted from The Verge, Friday (08/20/2021).

This process is too long than the process in the simplest Windows 10. Where the user needs to specify the applied standard for the whole, not per file type.

“We've raised concerns about the trend in Windows. Since the start of Windows 10, users have had to do additional ways that are not needed to determine the standard browser setup,” said Selena Deckelmann, senior vice president of Firefox.

“This obstacle will at least be dizzying for users and designed to underestimate non-Microsoft browsers to be used as an alternative user,” he added.

There's also Opera that doesn't like this Microsoft way. And say this way is run to increase the users of Microsoft-made browsers.

“It's a shame when the platform creators obscure the general usage problem. To improve their own product track record,” Krystian Kolondra, Opera's head of browser, said in a statement.

“We encourage many platform creators to appreciate the user's options and allow competition to take place on their platforms. Prohibiting the option of the user is a way of retreating, “he added.

Until Android, Chrome, and Google Chrome OS boss Hiroshi Lockheimer also commented and 1/2 rated Microsoft's way. This is a tragic matter because Microsoft recognizes being the most open company.

“It comes from a company that recognizes being the most open, with ‘the most options,'” Lockheimer said.

“Hopefully this is just in the developer preview, and the full version of Windows 11 can fulfill their claims.”

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