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  • 4 June 2023
  • Last Update 22 May 2023 06:50

Oppo Follows Samsung's Lead to Release Foldable Phones

Oppo foldable or Oppo folding screen smartphone

Oppo's foldable phone was leaked before its official launch. The chinese manufacturer's first Foldable-shaped smartphone will be launched in the next few months.
In this month several leaked patents showed that a folding smartphone device from Oppo will come with a flexible screen. It's called his ability to fold in. In general, the folding screen of a smartphone like Samsung's folded display a folding screen on the outside.

The leak of the patent also shows off a hinge design that is very similar to microsoft's increasingly foldable Surface Duo. The shape of the hinge that is slightly wide also increases the folding ability of the smartphone and minimizes the former folds of the screen.

Specifications of Oppo Foldable

From the Weibo Leaker leak. The tipster also revealed almost all the details about oppo's first foldable phone. The leak also features chipset camera specifications and a smartphone display. From the leak it appears that oppo's foldable specifications are almost similar to Samsung. The difference is only in the folding mechanism of the screen.

The leaker also claims that Oppo's foldable smartphone will be given a Super jumbo screen between 7.8 inches to 8 inches. When compared to Samsung this is bigger than the Galaxy Z Fold 3. In addition, oppo's foldable screen panel may also provide OLED technology. This is exactly the same as the Samsung Galaxy Z3 which also uses OLED panels. It is also powered by a Snapdragon 888 chipset.

On the camera side oppo folding phone accommodates and has a 50 megapixel imx766 sensor. And for its selfie camera has a 32 megapixel pixel for selfies and video calls. The first smartphone in the form of folding from Oppo will run Android OS 11 with color OS 12.

According to Android Authority Smartphone folding from Oppo will be present sometime this year. But oppo itself has not officially stated when the circulation or launch date of oppo's first foldable phone. Most likely oppo folding phone will be introduced first in China.

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