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  • 30 March 2023
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BPJS Health Millions Data Leaked Millions

Data Leaked Online and alleged violation of BPJS information of Indonesian social security. It has exposed almost all Indonesians to attacks and digital scams authorities and digital security experts warned on Friday.

BPJS Health ensures safety

BPJS Health Data Leaked Thousands

The Department of Communications and Data Technology said it suspected at least 100 individual records. 000 people have been leaked online from BPJS Kesehatan. And ask the state national insurance industry to provide people with information about the violations.

The security of leaked BPJS Health Data Records is part of the illustration database. Offered online free by the person who guarantees it’s genuine. The group of people, using the username Kotz, on the Raidforum database sharing forum. Since May 12, Kotz has been trying to sell 0.15 bitcoins ($6). 130). A larger set of databases claimed to have more than 279 million records. Contains data ranging from national self-proof no, social security no, phone no, and tax identification. Also no, family members, blood circles, and income.

Bpjs Kesehatan data tells it has 222.5 million users by the end of the year . It covers approximately 82 percent of Indonesia’s 270.2 million people.

“The department suspects the illustration database is identical to the BPJS Health data leaked online. Dedy Permadi, spokesman for Data and Communications Technology.

“The allegations were sourced on social security no records, office codes, family records, as well as payment [di database sampel] status identical to bpjs health data records,” Dedy said.

Dedy said the department has begged three web websites that host an illustration database to remove illustrations from their websites. 2 of the website’s website already complied, he said.

The department has also called the directors of BPJS Kesehatan to report violations of the information.

BPJS Health Data Leaked Online

Leaked Data Is Being Investigated by BPJS

BPJS Kesehatan also asserted that sourced in the 2019 Government Regulation on the Implementation of Electronic Systems and Transactions, insurance institutions are obliged to provide information from the authorities and people affected by information breaches as soon as possible.

Head of Public Relations of BPJS Health Meter. Iqbal Anas Maruf said thursday morning that the insurance had conducted an investigation into the alleged breach of the information. BPJS Ensures the security of the data so that it is not made a crime.

Iqbal also said BPJS Kesehatan guarantees the safety of bpjs health participants’ information.

“With big environmental information stored on our servers, we have a strict and layered information security system in place to justify the confidentiality of that information, which is listed as participant[skema asuransi nasional] information,” Iqbal said.

If true, this would be the most individual information breach that could have been found in the country. Years later, a hacker leaked 15 million user accounts of Tokopedia, one of the largest e-commerce industries in Indonesia.

Pratama Persadha, head of the Communication& Information System Security Research Center, a Jakarta-based research group specializing in digital security. It says fraudsters can use the information to carry out targeted phishing or other types of psychological manipulation.

“Although the database does not contain sensitive information such as credit card details, with some individual information available, cyber crime actors have more than done enough to cause real destruction and threats,” Pratama said on Thursday.

Criminals can mix the data encountered in a leaked Information Base with other information breaches to create detailed profiles of their potential victims. With such data, criminals devise more convincing scenarios to trick their victims, Pratama said.

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