Redmi Watch 2 Smartwatch Priced Under 1 million Qualified Features

By abdul azis hartadi

Redmi Watch 2 smartwatch

Redmi Watch 2 smartwatch launches along with the introduction of Redmi Note 11 in China. The latest smartwatch from Redmi successor of the first generation is making its debut in the Land of bamboo curtains.

As the successor of the first generation Redmi smartwatch. Redmi Watch 2 smartwatch is launched of course with some improvements. Some of those improvements include the screen size of the design as well as its main features.

Redmi Watch carries polycarbonate material as before. The screen size is 1.6 inches using AMOLED which has a resolution of 320 X 360 pixels. In the first generation of smartwatches redmi screen size measuring 1.4 inches.

Redmi smartwatch has a battery with a size of 230 mah similar to the Apple watch. This battery life is claimed to be able to reach 12 days in power saving mode. To be used with heavy use Redmi Watch 2 can last up to 7 days.

Features of SmartWatch Redmi watch 2

Features pinned in Redmi 2 Smartwatch include the 5 ATM waterproof capability feature. It also features a trackswim swimming tracker. There is an interesting thing in this Smartwatch feature is the sensor in the form of an optical heart rate. Sp02 sensor to monitor oxygen levels. Feature. Other sensors include the Redmi 2 smartwatch. Accelerometer gyroscope and light sensor.

This smartwatch also has GPS with GNSS technology. Which is enabled for accurate tracking of activities. This sensor can record all sports activities in 117 modes. Not to forget also Redmi 2 has embedded NFC features. Another connectivity feature is bluetooth 5.2 which has an Apollo 3.5 chip.

Strap or or strap of this redmi smartwatch can be replaced according to the user’s wishes. There will likely be variations on the Strap strap of this Redmi 2 smartwatch.

Price and Availability of Redmi Smartwatch

In China, the new Redmi Watch series will go on sale on November 11, 2021. Redmi Note 2 will have a choice of Black black, blue blue, and beige Ivory. The price of this smartwatch ranges from 400 Yuan or around Rp 887,000. There is no information whether Redmi Watch 2 will also be marketed globally including to Indonesia.

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