Xiaomi becomes second smartphone giant, gushing Apple

By abdul azis hartadi

Xiaomi Smartphone Giant

Xiaomi became the second giant in the smartphone world after managing to dominate the market by 17% of with a market share of 14% until the second quarter in 2021.

This surge is very significant, Xiaomi managed to distribute their smartphone products with an 83% market increase from a year ago.

To be able to control 17% of the mobile phone market share in the world.

This passed Apple which had previously always been the runner up under Samsung,

Meanwhile, the duo of Oppo and Vivo owned by BBK must be satisfied with each market by 10%.

No. 1 is still occupied by South Korean giant Samsung with a market share of 19%,

And this has a gap not far from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Price

We can guess,

what can make Xiaomi dominate the market with a big and become the second smartphone giant,

It is the price that has a big role, with a price 40% lower than Samsung products,

Especially from Apple which is 75% lower, Xiaomi is able to jump far in 2021,

despite the impact of pademi Covid 19 Xiaomi is able to go mighty.

The flagship price of Xiaomi products is also still reasonable to buy than the product duo from Apple or Samsung, because xiaomi's price is able to expand widely around the world, including a 300% surge in demand in Latin America, 150% in Africa, in Europe Xiaomi also experienced a sales increase of up to 50%, this is in stark contrast to what huawei experienced. , after the blacklist from the US and followed by european countries, the market share was eroded continuously.

Canalys also reported that the BBK duo of Oppo and Vivo will not stay silent when they see Xiaomi,

they also ended up providing affordable products for the market in Africa as well as Latin America,

But Vivo and Oppo need to bring soon products such as Mi 11 Ultra and Mi Mix Fold in order to be able to provide the best and affordable for the market.

Being No. 2 is the hard work of the Team at Xiaomi for many years, but will this be no. 2 for a moment?

Moreover, Apple is also experiencing good growth with the presence of the iPhone 12 series. We'll see in the next quarter.

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