Pocophone F1 to F3 Pro stories

By abdul azis hartadi

poco f1 to f3 story

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 or sub brand from Xiaomi which was introduced in August 2018. This phone is the latest series from Xiaomi under the name Pocophone and has 2 types of production poco china and poco india.

Poco has a meaning in Spanish “small”, but the company has big ambitions that have been proven since the first through the emergence of Pocophone F1 as a flagship smartphone that has pocket-friendly prices.

In early 2020 in January the news came from Xiaomi.

Poco as a sub brand of Xiaomi and able to popularize poco F1 is no longer a child of Xiaomi that year.

Poco is a standalone brand separate from Xiaomi.

The news was very surprising at a time of waiting for fans to poco F1 series awaiting the arrival of the successor, F2. Their first and only smartphones are in demand in several countries including Indonesia.

With a very affordable price able to change the paradigm of the 800 series that is always expensive.

The poco news was first seen from Alvin Tse's Twitter account. Alvin Tse is the Head of Global Pocophone and General Manager of Xiaomi Indonesia. He was instrumental in bringing the flagship Mi Note 10 Pro series to Indonesia after being flooded with Redmi series.

May 2020 Pocophone F2 Pro coming

The F2 Pro comes with the same goal as the Pocophone F1, providing the highest specs back then for thin-pocketed users. With a Snapdragon 865-powered chipset and can already reach the new generation of 5G technology, it has a new cooling LiquidCool 2.0. About RAM, there is a choice of 6GB RAM and also 8GB, which has a storage option of 128GB and 256GB.

In this smartphone, Poco also equips AMOLED screens, after receiving HDR+ support and an in-screen fingerprint scanner. This screen only has a standard refresh rate of 60Hz, but has a sampling rate of up to 180Hz.

Poco F3 and X3 Pro to enter Indonesia in April 2021

As we know, Xiaomi has just released and Poco X3 Pro in Indonesia, Tuesday (04/20/2021)
The specifications of both are very tempting, especially the use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series chipset.
With the chipset, POCO X3 Pro and POCO F3 can offer a taste of hp flagship in the middle class HP.
Both have attractive prices in the market, Poco X3 Pro starts at Rp 3.5 million and Poco F3 Rp 5.5 million.

In July, poco also released an upgrade series of the F3 series, namely the pocophone F3 GT series that is rebranded from redmi k40, which has a refresh rate of 120Hz and has a fast charging of 67 watts, powered by mediatek dimensity 1200 with a choice of 6 GB and 8 GB ram, Poco F3 GT can be purchased in flipkart online store but only in India, The specifications of the Poco F3 GT are much higher than the Poco F2 Pro.

Poco is considered an Indian product.

Xiaomi India chief Manu Jain has announced that the Poco brand will now separate from xiaomi. The brand entered the Indian market and soon became famous and in February 2020, the new brand created its own independent identity.
In fact, Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is quite defensive in the market and furthermore Xiaomi realizes that the Poco brand is able to stand alone.
Therefore, poco becomes its own brand in 2020.
According to Poco, the brand has entered 35 global markets in 3 years and sold more than 6 million phones globally with Poco F1 reaching 2.2 million shipments.
Recently, ‘Poco India' changed its brand logo in 2021 with a new hashtag #Made of mad.
Many people see the tag ‘Made in India' on their smartphones and misunderstand it as an Indian company.
Maybe this could be because many series of Poco are produced entirely in bollywood, such as the M and X series.

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