FaceTime iOS will soon be coming to Android?

By abdul azis hartadi

FaceTime is one of the main things that can make Android users turn to the current iPhone, but with iOS 15 they don’t have to be too envious anymore.

FaceTime is coming to Android soon.

Feature discussion at WWDC 2021. Apple has stated that FaceTime users can immediately send connections to non-iOS users joining the call, and these connections are not limited to Apple devices – Android and Windows users can also join their FaceTime.

FaceTime calls will however remain end-to-end encrypted. To ensure the safety of the mainstay weapon of Apple products

In any case, it’s good for individuals who don’t use iOS gadgets, so it looks like Android users really want to get the full FaceTime experience after they make a call.

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All things have been considered, unfortunately there will still be no dedicated FaceTime app on Android.

Although android users want Apple to add so that Android users can fully use FaceTime calls

But through a special application, this news has been confirmed by apple, and this is still a great progress by Apple.

This will not only benefit Android users but also Apple users,

You want to continue using FaceTime when talking to friends who use their Android smartphones.

It is likely that some of the Android wearer’s friends will be interested in buying an Apple device when they have tried with FaceTime on Android,

This seems to be an interesting move from Apple.

These interesting marketing strategies from iOS can also have a bad effect on themselves.

We as android users actually expect the full FaceTime application on Android one day,

and this news makes it look a little more likely than ever there was no intention of Apple to share FaceTime.

Wwdc’s big event will be very surprising at the time of writing.

Because there will be more announcements and surprising news from interesting developers, such as FaceTime Android.

WWDC (world Wide Developers Conference) is a major event from Apple held on June 7 – 11, 2021.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/

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