Indihome Down, There's a Sea Cable Disruption

indihome down today

Indihome down because there is a disruption the undersea cable network Jasuka (Java Sumatra Kalimantan)

Network breakup and resulted in down service from Indihome. Today from 17:33 until this article is dropped in the area of pasuruan city can not connect the Internet.

Quoted from, Telkom also apologized to all Telkom customers for the mass disruption.

Telkom service owner IndiHome conveys an apology to the user. Because IndiHome is down, users cannot skate on the internet tonight, Sunday (09/19/2021).

Telkom explained that the problems that occurred in indiHome service that experienced down this connection because there was a problem in the communication mechanism of JaSuKa sea cable (Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan) boundary Batam – Pontianak.

The problem occurred today, around 17:33 WIB which affects the reduction of telkomgroup service quality either fixed or mobile broadband in a number of regions of Indonesia.

“Sorry for this incident. Now we immediately rerouting traffic as an alternative communication lane towards Batam, so that the quality of service can immediately return to normal before midnight today. We still recognize the trigger for the problem,” explained TELKOM's SVP corporate communication and investor relations, Ahmad Reza.

As Telkom's deputy management, Ahmad Reza expressed his apologies for the inconvenience that may be felt by loyal consumers in the affected areas.

“Hopefully the problem can be resolved and TelkomGroup service can return to normal as soon as possible,” ahmad concluded.

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