Mobile broadband With Fixed Broadband, Meaning and Difference

Mobile broadband and There are two forms of internet connection that we use everyday life. As we know the internet is now a primary need for everyone. Many internet providers provide connections via a cable or wireless. Basically whatever type of connection is used by the user. As long as the connection is stable, it will certainly give satisfaction to consumer provider providers in this article Rabih Digital will explain some of the differences from Mobile With Fixed.

Meaning of Fixed Broadband

Fixed Broadband cable-based internet service

Fixed Broadband is a connection that requires a telephone cable or a special network cable to be able to connect in the internet network. As the name implies and means that on a Fixed connection you can not move at will. Because this device requires a router that cannot be moved.

Advantages of Fixed Broadband

By using Fixed Broadband The quality of the network tends to be stable. And on average city in Indonesia access / Connection is faster than mobile broadband. Significant differences from mobile access to Fixed are the absence of quota restrictions. Although some do exist tend to limit but if over quota the decrease is not too significant. In addition there is a speed connection from Fixed much faster than mobile.

Some well-known providers using Fixed Broadband are such as indihome biznet or firstnet. Using Fixed will be more effective if you are not someone who works mobile. This means that you will always work in only one place. Mathematically in terms of price is not too much different from mobile broadband. No gamer's use of Fixed would be more profitable due to lower latecy.

Mobile broadband means and what it means

Mobile broadband is a wireless internet service.

The meaning of mobile broadband is a connection line that uses wireless or wireless to the internet. This connection can use a smartphone device or modem can also be a wi-fi device or tethering from a smartphone. Mobile usage is much more massive than Fixed. This is because almost everyone on the internet uses a smartphone.

Advantages of using mobile

One of the main advantages of using mobile broadband is that it can still be internet on the internet anywhere.As long as the area we visit is still affordable by the internet provider connection. Examples of mobile providers such as Telkomsel, Indosat, Tri (3), XL and others. The other advantages of mobile broadband prices vary widely.We can get the internet at a very cheap price up to the most expensive. This connection can be obtained daily or monthly.

In some large cities mobile providers also provide Fixed but usually for certain circles. Certain circles in question such as company streamers or youtuber. Because they require very large download and upload access.

Mobile technology is growing very rapidly.And almost all cities throughout Indonesia are covered by mobile broadband networks.This is different from Fixed which still has not reached the corners of the countryside. This happens because it may be the topography of the area.

Those are some of the differences from Fixed with mobile broadband. There may be a few more terms that make them different.such as the range of services, or it could be other factors. But what is important and needs to be underlined is the Service and Stability of connectivity that we need to get. You also need to pay attention to your purpose in using the internet.

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