What Wi-Fi Direct means and the usability of WiFi Direct

By abdul azis hartadi

meaning of wifi direct and its usefulness on the latest technological devices

WiFi Direct is a connection that makes communication between devices. These communications are interconnected without a centralized network nearby. users or electronic devices that have a Wi-Fi connection will definitely find Wi-Fi Direct in the wireless connection section.

WiFi connection in addition to being able to connect with an internet connection. WiFi can also be used to transfer data between devices. Data transfer between devices is what is then called Wi-Fi Direct.

But what does it mean more complete than Wi-Fi Direct we see more complete. As in the explanation above WiFi Direct is a connection that connects between devices that do not require a centralized server. Its usefulness is also for us to transfer data between devices.

One of the wireless direct devices will be the access point of the other device. Wi-Fi direct access using the Wi-Fi Protected security protocol set up or called WPS. Also, Wi-Fi Protected WPA/WPA2 access. This standard was developed and has been applied to devices starting in early 2000.

It has a connection 10x faster than BlueTooth.

A WiFi Direct connection looks the same as Bluetooth. Direct handles information and speeds higher than Bluetooth connections. This speed reaches 10 times under normal conditions.

This capability of Wi-Fi Direct makes it a very appropriate choice to send connections on Peer to peer (P2P). A P2P connection is needed if you want to send a lot of data such as video images or large documents.

We can imagine a few decades ago when Bluetooth mah was still one of the main data transfer connections on mobile or other electronic devices. How long does it take us to send huge data to another device? With WiFi Direct technology we only need a few minutes to send hundreds of Gigabyte data sizes. Also in terms of security is much safer Direct in making data transfers.

On Android WiFi Direct It's been since Android 2.3 and Apple iOS 7

WiFi Direct began to be famous and used in the era of touch-sailing smartphones. On Android devices, wi-fi direct has existed since Android version 2.3. While Apple iPhone with iOS 7 already has a WiFi-Direct connection. Apple devices have this feature but under their own name, namely Apple AirDrop or AirPlay.

On a WiFi network, the device will be identified by the name DIRECT on the List of visible connection devices. The name of the connection that has Direct will appear when we turn on the WiFi connection.

To connect with WiFi Direct on some devices Maybe ask for a QR code. There are also some devices that ask for PIN codes to connect to each other. Along with the development of technology, devices can also be connected without having to have a QR code or PIN. The device can connect automatically under certain conditions. But don't worry even if automatically connected both devices have very layered security.

In WiFi technology which is the latest WiFi 6, we can transfer data up to 9 Gbps. This is much more improved than the initial wi-fi connection which was only 2 Mbits. So the increase is many times over for us to transfer data with Wi-Fi Direct.